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  1. Gravestorm

    When ARRRRGH ?!!?!

    Did you ever play ArcheAge Pandie? Sounds very similar to what you described in your original post. Had both ship pvp battles where you could steal the other factions loot and ship PvE where you could kill huge Kracken bosses for awesome loot. I had a ton of fun in that MMO before they made it super pay to win :\
  2. Gravestorm

    Can't log into the DKP site?

    Thank you Ptah. I'm able to access the DKP site now. Looking at the data after tonight's raid, the first one after the merger, one question did arise. How will attendance be combined? Everyone from DGC has their 30 day attendance (as of May 6th) in their guild public note, but now we also have the raids as CoC. On the DKP site it looks like the old DBC folks have somewhere between 1% and 8% 30 day. I completely understand why it's saying such a low number, I'm just wondering how we should go about combining that number with our 30 day attendance from the guild note. If you have 100% then it's pretty easy but for example, I have 93% from DBC. How would that combine with my current 8% from CoC to get the number we need for bidding? Not sure if this is the right place to ask all that but I didn't see any forums for DKP related inquiries.
  3. Gravestorm

    Can't log into the DKP site?

    I cannot log into it as of 8:45PM PST on 5/7