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  1. Xhann

    Test Update 7/10/18 - Patch Notes and Discussions

    July 10, 2018 _____________________ *** Items *** - Fixed several bugs with the focus effects from Sebilis Hardcore Heritage breastplates. - Changed a number of fishing pole items to be unbreakable. Fishing poles that have a chance to break when used now display the Expendable flag when inspected. - Augments can now be removed with distillers of greater rank than the one specified. For example, an augment requiring a Class V Augmentation Distiller to be removed can also be removed with a Class XI Augmentation Distiller. The system will start with the lowest possible rank distiller and move upwards until it finds an applicable distiller. Augments requiring a unique distiller (like the Small Gem Glue Solvent) will still need that specific distiller or the Perfected Augment Distiller to be removed. - Horn of Unity - Adjusted spell stacking for Blessing of Unity to reduce the number of other buffs it conflicts with. - If one of new augment based ornaments made from the old container based ornaments is attunable, it is now also tradable on Free Trade servers. - Fixed the mixed up descriptive text for the various Rallosian Ornamentations. - Bottle of Clarity Pack will give out the appropriate level potions from level 30 to 60. - Removed the no longer required spells from Bottle of Healing Pack, Bottle of Clarity Pack, Bottle of Alacrity Pack, Bottle of Spirits Pack, and Bottle of Replenishment Pack. These items now allow you to preview the potion you will get from them. - Darkened Coif of Wrath is now a head item. - Darkened Sleeves of Wrath is now an arms item. - Removed the endurance cost from Rousing Zeal, Soothing Zeal, Rousing Consumption, and Consuming Zeal, the click effect on some Paladin and Shadowknight Breastplates. - Hero's Forge ornaments can now be placed in Donal's Vambraces of Mourning. *** Quests And Events *** - Fixed an issue that caused some characters not to have credit for tasks that they had previously completed but cannot repeat. - Under the Robe - Arsin the Blaze should be spawning properly in this errand. Note that he will not spawn 100% of the time. - The Handmaiden - Render should be spawning properly in this errand. Note that he will not spawn 100% of the time. - Sathir's Tomb (Raids) - Pets will no longer attempt to open or close the hallway doors in the tomb. - The Silent Schism - Spells that do not have a mana cost will no longer cause the achievement 'Burn the Heretics' to fail. - Drusella's Vault - The Whirlwind Slash cast by the animated bladestorms should now sync up better with the warning aura disappearing. - Melalafen is no longer a required target for the achievement Conquerer of The Western Wastes. - Made several changes to Frostcrypt Raids: - - Beltron will no longer leave his room. - - Harfang will no longer leave his room. - - Hearol the Tactician will now clear detrimental spells when he teleports away. - - Shades of Calm - the meditating shades will engage more often now. - - Construction of Shadows should work properly now. *** Spells *** - Fixed a bug that caused Sanctuary buffs to drop when consuming some types of potions. - Items, Familiars, and Glyphs that previously conflicted with the Wild Growth line of spells will no longer have stacking conflicts. - Druid - Adjusted Pack Regeneration, Pack Chloroplast, Regrowth of the Grove, Oaken Vigor, and Blessing of Oak so that they match other regeneration spells and gain power as the caster gains levels. - Added a message and chat filter when you or others take damage from auras. *** AA *** - Numerous abilities that can only be obtained by completing quests or as achievement rewards will now display in the AA window prior to obtaining rank 1. The descriptions for these abilities have been updated to include information on how to obtain them. - All - Banestrike has been changed to a passive ability that triggers off of melee attacks, ranged attacks, and direct-spell damage. - All - Consolidated ranks 1-3 of Hastened Banestrike to be ranks 2-4 of Banestrike. - Melee Classes - Adjusted the bonuses granted by Innate Darkblade, Duelist, Fellstrike, Fury, Holyblade, Innerflame, Natureblade, Rage, and Songblade. Reduced the bonuses granted by these lines for levels 40-80 and increased the bonuses for levels 85-110. - Bard - Fixed a bug where A Tune Stuck In Your Head was extending the duration of Vainglorious Shout. - Berserker - Removed the hit limit from Blood Sustenance. - Enchanter - Fixed a bug that prevented Rank 8 of Color Shock from functioning. - Monk - Doubled the duration for all ranks of Swift Tails' Chant. - Monk - Significantly increased the effectiveness and endurance cost for all ranks of Ton Po's Stance. - Ranger - Reduced the base damage of all ranks of Headshot and increased the maximum melee damage cap from 750k to 6m. This should result in critical Headshot attacks dealing significantly more damage than before. - Shadowknight - Removed the hit limits from melee leech effects and removed the 8% chance for Mortal Coil to trigger Mortal Residue. *** NPCs *** - Many Chest NPCs that were body type Humanoid, Magical, or Undead are now body type Construct. - All raid bosses should be able to mitigate heroic effects more equally. Previously some bosses were much weaker than their counterparts. - Sul Vius Life - Party goers will no longer be so aggressive toward visitors. - Assistant T'os has returned to dry land. - Marcia Attamilgad has located a few new items for her stash. We're not asking questions. *** Progression Servers *** - Bottle of Health Pack, Bottle of the Ursine Pack, Bottle of the Avian Pack, and Bottle of the Cetacean Pack will now create potions with actual effects on progression servers. - Progression Server instances given by Agents of Change will no longer send characters into the instance if too low level. - The "Voice of *" NPCs in Veeshan's Peak are no longer charmable. - The books to make Exalted Cultural Symbols are available when The Serpent's Spine expansion unlocks. - Slayer achievements and the Banestrike AA ability are no longer restricted to Rain of Fear. *** Miscellaneous *** - Trial heroic characters can once again be deleted. - Added an on/off argument to autofire. This does not change current functionality, it just allows you to specify on or off. - Bard - The /melody command will no longer be interrupted when attempting to sing a targeted song without a target, a song with no cast-time (Alliance of Sticks and Stones), or a song that costs more mana than the bard has available. - This forage button no longer gets into a "stuck", unusable state when zoning. If it would have been stuck, it may not be in a receptive state, but will follow up with a warning message and re-computation of the timer. - Improved the classic Giant's ability to hold weapons in its left hand. *** UI *** - The group window should no longer show group information to players if the group is disbanded or they are removed and/or leave. - The EverQuest Team
  2. June 12, 2018 _____________________ *** Highlights *** - Charm items with right click effects can now be activated from your inventory. *** Items *** - Charm items with click effects will now cast from bags and inventory. This includes the normal version of the (Jeweled) Skull of Null. - - The convert button will remain on the (Jeweled) Skull of Null for the people that may not have fixed their broken version of the Skull of Null. - Updated the name of the items and recipes for the consolidated Fereth armors. - Altered the visual appearance of Ancient Gaffi of Trorsmang and Veltar's Staff of Tranquility. - Orb of the Crimson Bull now has a slot for ornaments. - Updated the name of the items and recipes for the consolidated Fereth armors. - The Mirror Fragment of Anashti Sul will only transport you if you are in a Broken Mirror zone. - Suits of Hero's Forge armor now use the item reward set system, which will allow for inspecting the suit's individual pieces without unpacking the suit. - Bottle of Shared Adventure effects can now land on you even if you have an existing Bottle of Adventure active. These effects do not stack with each other -- only the most powerful one will affect your experience. *** Tradeskills *** - Replaced Platinum Geode Necklace in the Jewelcraft Tradeskill Tests with Jaded Velium Ring. - Fixed the Tradeskill Test quests so the required turn-ins match the required recipes. *** Quests And Events *** - Drusella's Vault - Added a popup message when Drusella heads to a raid member's location. - The Sathir Line - Added a popup message when Drusella chases a raid member. Added a popup message when Venril levels his gaze at a raid member. - The Plane of Fear: Revisited and The Plane of Hate: Revisited again allow mercenaries. - Rage - Characters with the Hero's Challenge will once again be offered a chance to get into the instance. - Drusella's Vault - The club, sword, skull, and golem NPCs now use Kill on Sight faction. - Drusella's Vault - Drusella's aura will no longer damage NPCs. - Plane of War - Adjusted the appearance of the colossi that offer transportation to Narikor. - Bastion of Thunder - After the defeat of Emmerik Skyfury, Askr the Lost will now send you to Karana's chamber rather than opening the Chaotic Vortex to do so. - Fell Foliage (Mission) - The Atrocious Succulent will no longer spawn burgeoning succulents - Measure of the Dead - The energy collection elements will now reset if you have already completed the earring combine. - Journey Into Terror - **Read Carefully** Journey Into Terror will accept Crestra's Empowered Elegant Earring for the final turn in, BUT they will only return Crestra's Elegant Earring. I.E. you will not get the raid version back. You will not get a Flawless Conflagrant Diamond. - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls (Group) - Fixed a bug that caused the Enraged Guardian of Sul to be much harder than intended. - Plane of Health - In Defense of Health - Corrected issues with the difficulty of some NPCs being too high. Fixed a spawn that could spawn a raid NPC in the Heroic Adventure. - Plane of Health raids - Set many non-boss NPCs to the correct difficulty. - Crypt of Sul Heroic Adventures - Fixed a spawn with a bad encounter that could lead to an NPC 7 levels higher than the highest player in the adventure. - End of Empire (Raid) - The bonus chest that drops ornamentation will no longer move after it is opened. - Kragsmash - The speed of body and strength of body adds will now assist Kragsmash more reliably. The adds will despawn if the boss has been slain. - Fixed an issue that would prevent you from obtaining some cultural tasks if you had other random, unrelated tasks (such as Will It Live?). *** Spells *** - Corrected a typo in the message you see when attempting to teleport to an anchor that doesn't exist. - Spells with multiple damage values will now correctly report the total damage done. - Form of Darkness now fades on zoning. - Druid and Shaman - The Regeneration line of spells will now increase in power as you gain levels up to level 80. - Enchanter - Lowered the damage, efficiency, and mana return of the Mind Shatter line of Damage over Time spells. The line has been added to a shared timer and has a recast delay. - Enchanter - Lowered the damage and efficiency of the Suffocating Sphere line of Damage over Time spells. - Enchanter - Lowered the damage and efficiency of the Baffling Constriction line of Damage over Time spells. - Shadowknight - Moved Mental Corruption from Utility Detrimental->Combat Innates to Utility Beneficial->Combat Innates since it provides a buff. *** AA *** - Beastlord - Fixed a bug that prevented Frenzied Swipe from being purchasable. - Berserker - Fixed a bug with rank 5 of Screaming Axes that caused Screaming Fury II to grant less haste than was intended. - Shadowknight - Fixed errors in the descriptions for ranks 25-26, 40-41, and 45 of Leech Touch. *** NPCs *** - Charmed NPCs and pets who do not want to equip items will now return those items to you. - NPCs will be more responsive when returning items they do not want. - Seer Mal Nae`Shi's dialogues can now be clicked instead of having to type the correct response. *** Progression Servers *** - Changed the requirements to create alchemy distillate potions on progression servers to be relative to equivalent player spell power and player levels. - Echo of Sebilis will despawn if it spawns before Gates of Discord is open. - Temple of Veeshan (Agent of Change) - Restored Lord Yvemm to the Temple of Veeshan where he is meant to reside. - All Bottle of X items on the marketplace now use the reward system to grant the appropriate item. - Bottle of Spirits will be available on progression servers when Luclin opens. - There is a new Bottle of Health Pack, Bottle of the Ursine Pack, Bottle of the Avian Pack, and Bottle of the Cetacean Pack. These offer versions of the potions whose effectiveness does not exceed the effectiveness of equivalent player spells. Once Veil of Alaris opens, they will offer the original more powerful potions. - - Existing Bottle of Health Pack, Bottle of the Ursine Pack, Bottle of the Avian Pack, and Bottle of the Cetacean Pack items will not be removed from players. *** Miscellaneous *** - Corrected an issue that would cause beneficial damage over time spells (such as the Necromancer Lich line) to display damage messages to other players. - Fixed an issue that would cause pets to lose all of their buffs when zoning if they had a large number of effects on them. - Fixed several geometry bugs reported in The Breeding Grounds. - Fixed the various Tier 6 heroic stat tribute benefits to grant the correct amount of the stat. - Estimated dates and times of scheduled monthly updates are now visible on the in-game calendar. - Fixed issues with the classic Iksar 2-handed and range attack animations. - Fixed the spelling of some momentos. *** UI *** - Corrected an issue where AA hotbuttons were not properly saving their labels. - Fixed a typo when trying to grant alternate advancement abilities over the advancement point limit. - Improved the resolution for spell icons when used for hot-buttons. - Fixed an issue when using the Bazaar where various DoN spells would try to sell for crystals instead of platinum. - Left-clicking a hotbutton linked to an item will autoinventory the item if it is the same item, or if the hotbutton is red. - Old hotbuttons linked to items will now look up their name. - Corrected an issue where hotbuttons pointing to an item with 0 charges would stop working. - Corrected an issue where characters with similar names would not appear in the loot list on the Advanced Loot Window. - The guild window will correctly store your selection when other members zone or camp. - When creating a character or race changing, expansion restricted cities and race-class combinations will now display as unavailable. - Fixed an issue where /grouproles would not save or load correctly. - Changed - EQUI.xml EQUI_Animations.xml EQUI_CastSpellWnd.xml EQUI_CharacterCreate.xml EQUI_CursorAttachment.xml EQUI_GuildManagementWnd.xml EQUI_HotButtonWnd.xml EQUI_PetInfoWindow.xml EQUI_RaceChangeWnd.xml EQUI_SpellIcons.xml - The EverQuest Team
  3. May 8, 2018 _____________________ *** Items *** - Tsaph Katta Ornaments and Di`Zok Ornaments are available on the raid point vendors in Lceanium and Overthere respectively. - The Depowered Skull of Null and Depowered Jeweled Skull of Null can now be activated when not equipped. - Added appropriate chromatic damage to Light-Blessed Cudgel, Brilliant One Eye, and Lifestealer's Cudgel - Ornaments converted from molds to augments have the appropriate description text. - - Converted ornaments are no longer marked as magic. - The nightmare mount will allow you to ride it if you own its saddle, the Nightmare Saddle. - Made the new augment based ornaments that are part of LoN sets heirloom. - Increased the pet focus level on Summoner's Phlogiston Earring. - The Ring of Scale chase items are placable in real estates. - Mirror Fragment of Anashti Sul will now act properly if you are on the task Decay Decreased and not in the dynamic zone for the task or either Sul Vius. - Added the Quest tag to the following items: - - Saurek Deathmaw Scales, Poguu's Herbal Growth, Sagaag's Finest, Red Berry Paste, Ancient Sathir Necklace, Ancient Sathir Staff, Ancient Sathir Skull, Ancient Sathir Chalice, Mithril Plated Girth - Fixed typos in the spelling of a few Bouquet items. - Corrected the spell description for Sword of Darkness and Sword of Corruption, the click spell on some Shadow Knight breastplates. - Consuming Zeal (The proc of Rousing Consumption) now deals damage instead of healing its target. *** Tradeskills *** - The timer for foraging will now correctly persist between logins. - A Grandmaster Medicine Bag can be created with Tonic of Benefit Affinity II (Prophecy of Ro or later) or Potion of Mystical Aptitude (Pre-Prophecy of Ro). - Corrected typos, inconsistencies, and misspellings in many tradeskill recipe names. - The book necessary to create Fereth Hero's Forge ornaments will drop rarely from rare NPCs in Ring of Scale. - The Repeating Crossbow recipe will return a planing tool on failure. - Darkhollow Skeleton Dust will drop from appropriate mobs in Depths of Darkhollow. - Urn Sketches are now available on appropriate merchants. *** Quests And Events *** - A Formal Dinner Party - Fixed grammar errors in dialogs. - Drusella's Vault - Corrected a misspelling of annihilate in the timer warnings. - Devastation and Sverag - The chests that spawn on the death of some bosses will no longer spawn. Instead the Legendary Berserker Bones will drop off the bodies of the bosses. - Plane of Storms - Jeplak, Gurebk, Falto, and Neffiken should properly turn into fabled versions when appropriate. - Updated the Hero's Journey text to include direct links to relevant achievements. - Corrected old information about tomes in the training dialogue for new berserkers. - Staff of the Observers quest - Borxx once again spawns in Runnyeye. - 17th Anniversary Tipsy Gnome Race - Corrected a bug that could lead to the race breaking every 200 iterations. - Restored a long forgotten quest chain in the Mines of Nurga. - Drusella's Vault - Implemented some bug fixes and tuning changes: - - The size of the decal should now match the size of Drusella's aura. - - Reduced attack and offense on golems, animated swords, and animated skulls. - - Lowered spell damage on Bonk!, Enveloping Smoke, and Electric Blast. - - Reduced radius of Whirlwind Slash. - - Changed decal warning for Whirlwind Slash to match the impact radius of the spell. - - Changed the models of the swords and skulls to make them easier to identify. - - Created specific spawn points for the swords, skulls, and maces instead of having them spawn in random locations. - - Removed Drusella's wandering during the event. - Black Orb of the Scrykin - The Gray Orb of Ao the Fourth now has a higher chance to drop from rares in Arcstone and Relic. - - Rares in Arcstone and Relic now have a higher chance to drop a Gray Orb. - - Non-rares in Arcstone and Relic now have a very small chance to drop a Gray Orb. *** Spells *** - Spells that absorb direct spell damage will no longer absorb damage shield damage. - Corrected singing messages from bards in your group and some incorrect song messages. - Race changing now only removes spells for which you don't meet the deity requirements. - Corrected many spells that were not correctly displaying their descriptions, such as Divine Response, Nature's Response, and Responsive Spirit. - Spells that lose effectiveness over time, such as Rampant Growth or Nectar of Agony, will no longer be penalized by extended duration effects. Spells that gain effectiveness over time, such as Splurt, will continue to be enhanced by extended duration effects. - Fixed all cases where player pets had higher hand to hand skills than weapon skills. This was causing many pets to lose accuracy when they were given weapons. - Cleric - Fixed a typo in the spell landed text for Harmonious Blessing. - Cleric, Druid, Shaman - Ancient Alliance, Bosquetender's Alliance, and Harmonious Blessing will now report a message when they wear off. - Druid - Form of the Great Wolf and Share Form of the Great Wolf will now add stats as a separate buff. - Druid and Ranger - The PVP spells Tangle and Entangle can now be found under Utility Detrimental->Snare. *** NPCs *** - NPCs will be more responsive when accepting or rejecting quest items or bribes. - Varied up the names of ice goblins in many instanced versions of Permafrost to prevent a situation where some goblins could fail to spawn when there were too many named the same thing. - Many NPCs with blank merchant lists are either no longer a merchant or have a small merchant list. - Brother Island NPCs will no longer all aggro if you attack one type. - Several NPCs that were decievers are now deceivers. Typo fix. *** Progression Servers *** - Replaced recipes in the following tradeskill tests with recipes that are available by Prophecy of Ro: - - -For the Jewelcraft tests, replaced Velium Practice Earring with Gold Polished Quartz Ring, Palladium Practice Earring with Platinum Geode Necklace and Pear Cut Rubellite with Bloodmetal Earring of Engagement (non-enchanted). - - -For the Smithing tests, replaced Pale Platinum Mace with Ethereal Sheet of Metal. - - -For the Research tests, replaced Researcher Ceramic Clay with Spell: Focus Mass Spellcaster's Essence for the non-tome makers and Parchment Manual for the tome makers. - Hypericum is available when Prophecy of Ro unlocks. - Porthio the Second Born (Raid) can now be completed in the progression server instance of Relic. - Rathe Council raid - fixed issue that was causing the council to disappear and reappear repeatedly. - Runnyeye's population will be pre-revamp until Scars of Velious unlocks. - Champion's Mancatcher quest - a sarnak messenger is no longer restricted to the launch of Gates of Discord. *** Miscellaneous *** - Many Serpent's Spine, Buried Sea, and Secrets of Faydwer zones now have load balancing enabled. - Fixed an issue that caused certain armor pieces to show Arasti Robes instead of the intended models. - The duplicate "a large undead gnoll" component label in the Hunter of The Tower of Frozen Shadow achievement is corrected to Vhal Sera. This was a cosmetic label error and Vhal Sera kills since the April 2018 patch will count. - Fixed a visual bug where the castle that leads to the Plane of Mischief was hovering several feet above the ground in both Great Divide and the Temple of Veeshan. - Many Ruins of Kunark zones have had their experience modifier adjusted for balance reasons and/or to encourage variety in leveling. - Restored the fog in Hate's Fury. *** UI *** - The Hero's Journey help text is now directly accessible via a UI button: - - The new menu entry can be found in the EQ Button list under Quests on servers that have unlocked The Serpent's Spine expansion. - - The alternate advancement ability Summon Tome of the Hero's Journey has been removed. Any existing copies of the tome can still be used to display the list of suggested quests. - Fixed a bug where the Zone Guide would report that there is no active path each time you zone. - Using /outputfile will now display a link to the file created. - Fixed an issue where /outputfile recipes wasn't accepting an additional parameter to specify an alternate filename. - Fixed a bug with the last update where the timestamp format in log files was inadvertently changed. - Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause alerts you have already seen to be displayed again. - Fixed an issue that would cause the event calendar scroll bar to bounce to the top when scrolling. - When you type /feedback you will now see a link to our forums instead of the feedback window. - Added a volume slider to the audio triggers window which acts independently of the game volume slider. - Players can now see the level of their target upon considering them, unless their target is anonymous or roleplaying. - When you zone, hotbuttons linked to an item will no longer reset to the first copy of the item found in your inventory. - - Hotbuttons with a blank label will now properly save when zoning or camping. - - When turning hotbar pages, item links will no longer bleed their color and icon to the other page. - Changed - EQUI_AudioTriggersWindow.xml EQUI_FeedbackWnd.xml *** Previously Updated *** - Ring of Scale Raids - fixed issue that was preventing the Di'Zok hero's forge items from showing up in the chests. - A Formal Dinner Party (19th Anniversary) - Removed the chance for one of the clues to spawn on a bad NPC. - Theatre of Blood (Agent of Change) - Fixed issue that was sending player characters to the wrong location when zoning into the instance. - Relic (Agent of Change) - Fixed an issue that prevented the teleporters up to (and down from) the dragon platforms from working. - The EverQuest Team
  4. I don't blame them from trying to distance themselves from Columbus Nova, but seriously why did it take them this long to start scrubbing that off all their legal bullshit lol
  5. Xhann

    Activity Feed MIA

    I noticed that too and found the "unread content" button on the right side of the 2nd bar at the top to do the same thing with some more options (from what I remember)
  6. Xhann

    Test Patch 2-14-2018

    someone on the forums said a dev said that the extended target window and agro meter were not considered QoL items and aren't being added with the other stuff, not sure if that is old or new info since he didn't link to a source though I believe that is true based on what they have mentioned previously in the numerous threads about people wanting click from bags added.
  7. Xhann

    Test Patch 2-14-2018

    I was recently reading some posts saying that druids could (short term) top the dps meters on burns which apparently is rather mana intensive but stupid for a priest class IMO so I am not surprised they were nerfed one bit
  8. Lol I was expecting a new server like that to be released right around when ldon unlocked on agnarr, I guess it will be a ghost town long before then - R.I.P Agnar!
  9. Xhann

    Vule corpse poofing

    https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/hotfix-notes-january-30-2018.246838/ vule fixed!
  10. pretty sure they only do that on level increase expansions but clean up your corpses anyways!!
  11. Xhann

    raid dps

    The potential dps of any class is moreso limited by their abilities (disciplines, spells, AA's) than their gear, if you are looking at raid geared toons in general. There really is no such thing as "tank gear" and "dps gear" in EQ beyond items that have stats useful to a certain class and ideally you would want all the melee dps things like ferocity and cleave on a tank anyways so I am not sure where you are going with this.