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  1. Rhiven

    Test Patch 2-14-2018

    I'm really curious to see what other UI elements get unlocked that they didn't mention. I'd love to get the extended target window but I feel like that one thing is a large part of the reason that they said "many" instead of "all". It would be nice to get the aggro meter just to help people know when they are about to pull aggro so they can either dump it or back off a bit.
  2. Rhiven

    Updated kill board link

    The phinny kills site that is linked to in the sidebar currently is dead. The site that replaced it is https://phinnyprogress.com so we should probably update the link to point to that instead. It doesn't have a forum like phinny kills did so that link can be removed.
  3. Rhiven

    Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    Tomorrow night around raid time might be a good time to keep an eye on it if possible.
  4. Rhiven

    Test Update 11-7-2017

    What the actual fuck Daybreak? Let's take something that these discs and related AAs have been balanced around for over a decade and then remove it without any compensation whatsoever, what a great idea.
  5. Rhiven

    Music Thread

    Went through this entire thread and there has been a severe lack of any trance being posted since December. So time to fix that by posting a few of my favorite tracks over the next few days. This one has a somewhat long build up.