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  1. Dogwizard

    Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    Chromium, my man. How does Opera run on it in now? I tried it a couple years ago but was having serious issues. Might need to revisit. Do we need the gallery? All the shitposting happens in discord now so maybe we can save some change there.
  2. Dogwizard


  3. Dogwizard


    We accomplished the first time OMM kill with the 2nd least number of people on Phinigel at 35 people (only AoS had lower numbers at 24 people)! Thank you everyone for your hard work and efforts to get this done!! Congrats to Entendre for beating us by a few hours (started earlier in the night than us) and Resolute for finishing literally less than 4 minutes behind us (wow, that was close) for their first time OMM kills also! It is definitely competitive to see how many guilds may yet place ahead of OGC for OoW!
  4. Dogwizard

    Get Lost, Dungeons of Norrath

    Greetings CoC Lovers! If it feels like it's been a while since I have done one of these, it's because it has been forever. LDoN has been long and brutal and we've lost some friends along the way because of it. But here we are at Gates of Discord with a strong raid force and new friends to punish another expansion with. Some updates: Wooz's truck flame decal business is really taking off. Val is starting to feel herself again. We've learned a lot about Ramasu's... enriched childhood. Cheo got a new PC or two. I am still a slave to earthly desires. Raeyne is still gross. Team Morning Wood is still destroying everything in sight. And our core raiders are holding down the fort. The officer meetup went well for some, not so well for others. Krok and I got busted for shoplifting hats. Bigpickle has settled nicely into his final form. Stoobid hasn't changed in the slightest. It's been a long, brutal expansion. A genuine thanks to everyone who stuck it out with us along the way.
  5. Dogwizard

    Let's Play: Where Did I Die?

    Pro tip: Never fall asleep during raid.
  6. Dogwizard

    The John Stamos Art Thread

    I mean, I put text over heads. I don't know what you're expecting.
  7. Dogwizard

    Not all Dungeons are Lost

    Hello CoC lovers, Dogwizard here. For our expansion update I finally figured out how to take a selfie. To be fair, Callius taught me how. So props to him. The Clan Skallagrim reunion went off without a hitch! Ashlen and Blinky finally tied the knot! And shit got weird with Penny. Goodbye has really stepped up his game and is crushing the parses. Grephyn finally got a fucking headset. Kanamori is still sick of your fucking bullshit. The Senior Officer meeting went well. And lastly, did you know that if you google "Whitest Person in America" you get one of our very own? See you in LDoN! <3
  8. Dogwizard

    New Forum Ranks

  9. Greetings and salutations, fellow old nerds. I am here to make your transition from Teamspeak to Discord as quick and painless as possible. Let's begin! Head to http://discord.gg and download the client. If you do not want to download the client and only use discord through your web browser, click the login button and it will give you the option to create an account. You can also choose only use discord on your phone, please feel free to reach out if this will be your solution and you need assistance. I highly recommend downloading the client.The browser version will do everything except for use your mic while playing another game. You can listen, but your mic will not queue up. Once you download the client, click on the .exe to install. Click the Register link to create your account. Fill in yo shit and then log in. You made it in! I am so proud of you! Click this link for the invite to your guild specific server: https://discord.gg/NnAqUrS In the bottom right of your client, to the right of your name, is a little cog wheel icon that leads to your settings. Click it! Click on the voice menus, and set up your push to talk key. That's it! You're ready to use Discord! The voice and chat channels exist independent of each other. That means you can be in one voice channel, or no voice channels, or in a voice channel on a different discord server and still have full use of all of our chat channels. You will not miss anything in a chat channel because you are not in a corresponding voice channel like in Teamspeak. If you want to use an overlay to see who is talking, watch this video: Feel free to ask any questions, or use the #discord_help channel in discord once you have it installed.
  10. Dogwizard

    Forum upgrade complete

    We have a new system where the only person who votes is me, and I have final say. I'll save you the trouble of telling me who the app was, and what you thought of them. I don't care. The answer is no.
  11. Dogwizard

    Forum upgrade complete

    Maybe add Steam profile URL? I'm just trying to think of things people might actually use in 2017.