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    Cute Cat DKP

    For Kanamori
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    Music Thread

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    Test Update 4-12-2017

    No mention of Veteran Rewards for Phinny. It seems these have normally been going active with GoD on progression servers, I wonder if that will continue or would we have to wait until Dragons of Norrath which I think was when they originally came out?
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    Did you know

    I wasn't in the guild at the time that this happened, but I do live in Omaha and have for my entire life. My wife works off 60th street and I-80, she had seen the aftermath driving home from work. We don't see that type of accident very often in NE. I never would have thought that months later I would be raiding in Everquest, an 18 year old MMO with one of the persons involved. I am very fortunate to have met you Val and look forward to becoming as much a part of the guild as you are.
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    Music Thread

    My choice of music is much different than most...
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    How many names fit Pickle Stoo and Ramasu Blinky Gherkin to Lanwa Cheo Bode All went out for a big show They came across CoC
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    Aya hidden in plain sight: Our cats get their own fort built: Random photo #10293 of Mika:
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    Check out what my wife won

    That's pretty cool!
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    Share your food with me! (RECIPES)

    Lumpia: 1 package of spring roll wrappers (25 pieces) Thaw spring roll wrappers in the fridge so they do not get soggy. 1lb ground beef. Desired shredded vegetables like cabbage or carrots. ( OPTIONAL ) small bowl with cornstarch and water mixed mixed up. Sauce: 1 cup water. 1/2 cup sugar. 1/4 cup white vinegar. splash of soy sauce. mixture of cornstarch and HOT water for thickening. Use as little or as much as you want, whatever you like. I usually mix a tbsp of cornstarch and slowly add HOT water and mix it until it is a milky consistency. Cook the ground beef in a pan with your desired seasonings. I personally use minced garlic, Himalayan salt, and cayenne pepper. Place the spring roll wrapper on the table like a diamond, place about a spoonful of cooked ground beef in the center spreading it out. Add desired vegetables like shredded cabbage, or if you hate veggies don't add them! The small bowl of cornstarch and water, dip your finger in and then wet the top of the diamond of the spring roll wrapper. Basically like an upside down V Then fold the bottom half over and pull back to the ground beef, then the sides come in and you roll it over with the top of the diamond wet with cornstarch and water sealing the lumpia up. I have no idea how else to describe this and I'm not going to make a video, but this is well worth the time and effort as these are delicious. Deep fry for a few minutes or until it is golden brown. Air Fryer works well to. For the sauce, make sure the 1 cup of water is HOT water. Very very important that it is HOT as you need to dissolve the sugar and hot liquids make that happen a lot easier. Add water, sugar, vinegar, splash of soy sauce into a sauce pan. Mix up and make sure the sugar is dissolved or the sauce will taste weird and not good, very bad, nasty, bleh. Bring all of this to a boil then remove and add in your cornstarch/water mixture as a thickener to your desired thickness. Turn off the burner and set the pan on the edge of the burner to keep warm while you are frying up your lumpia ( it will bubble up a bit on that side of the pan, this is normal ) Dip lumpia in sauce and enjoy. If you want to make a meal out of this you I will post a few more recipes to make a total meal consisting of Steak and Rice, Egg Drop Soup, and Lumpia. As a side note, when I go through the effort of making the lumpia, I usually make a couple hundred and then freeze them with a food saver in meal sized quantities, then you just need to deep fry and make the sauce whenever you are hungry for an easy snack.
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    Qwenya likes to raid Healing Stoobid is easy Dark Elves rule the world
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    For science they said....

    Was just a couple scratches, we patched you up just fine.. well at least 96% of what you were.