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    Not all Dungeons are Lost

    Thanks for whitening up my teeth Dog. /fistbump
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    The Confessional

    This is a little long but it is my favorite memory of EQ, and I think it fits the thread: This story begins in the halcyon days of 2000, just prior to the release of Kunark. At the time my friends and I played on the tribunal server, my character was an Erudite wizard named Rahmen and my close friend played a Barbarian Shaman named Fairfax. As a duo we had managed to claw and scratch our way up to approximately level 19 but were finding it harder and harder to kill xp giving opponents. Our normal method of killing a mob was to somehow manage to get a single (the super difficult part) and then alternate rooting and shooting until it was dead or we were running for the zoneline, OOM. I understand that today one would simply jump over to Allakhazam’s and find a leveling guide that would point you to exactly were to go but at that time, Allakhazam’s Magic Realm was a single page, a long scrolling list of items found within the game each day. It was amazing being able to look at all the different pieces of gear dropping in EQ at the time but it was not the website that we know today. There were several other websites at the time, some good, some not so good, But Graff’s was a wizard site that I checked daily, and it was from its forum where I read a story about a wizard that was helping a Halfling friend complete a rogue quest outside Rivervale. It involved spawning and killing a named froglok called Slaythe, who had conned even to his level 18 wizard. Hmm I thought, I wonder how you spawn this froglok, he’s the perfect level and solo. So I started researching a Halfling rogue quest now referred to as “Eye of Stormhammer” which is in reality a Warrior quest that leads to the Avenger Battleaxe, a 15/43 two hander. But at the time it was thought to be a rogue quest… Anyways, by making a level 1 Halfling rogue I was able to talk to an escaped Halfling named Bronin Higginsbot that was hiding out on the wall in Misty Thicket. By saying, “what small favor” to him, Slaythe would spawn out by a downed tree near the orc camp. At the time we had 3 computers set up in my basement, so Fairfax and Rahmen could chill by the tree, the newb rogue would be standing half a zone away at Bronin, and with my say macro and a push of a button, poof! Froglok. We would stand, root, shoot, sit, med. Experience! Safe! Single pulls! Awesome! The froglok vending machine! After a couple of hours we were level 20, then 21, and the xp just kept on coming. Everything was going great and along came a lower level Halfling, we’ll call him Frodo. Frodo was hanging back watching us as Slaythe would spawn and we would kill him. There were Slaythe corpses littering the hillside. I mentioned this to my friend, and as Frodo kept coming back, I called out to him. He came over and asked, “how are you doing this, frogloks are not found in Misty Thicket”. I explained that, “we had figured out the spawn secret”. Frodo asked what it was and I replied that. “I didn’t want him learning it as he wasn’t high enough level to defeat Slaythe and there were a lot of innocent halflings nearby that would be quickly killed by the froglok”. He took off but didn’t go far, watching from behind trees and such. So when we were ready, I stood up, jumped up and down 3 times, spun 3 circles, reached over and hit the say macro, Poof! Froglok. We killed him and Frodo came running back over shouting, “how did you do that!” I sent him on his way, telling him not to worry about it, but again he hung close by, and when we had medded to full, I stood, jumped up and down 3 times, spun 3 circles and hit the button, Poof! Froglok. We killed him and Frodo again came running back over shouting, “I know how you did that!” I responded, “I doubt it,” and we sat down to med. He stood there and jumped up and down 2 times, spun 3 circles and nothing happened. He said, “this is stupid”. I responded, “you’re clever but you did it wrong”, and after weathering a ton of tell me what I did wrong questions I finally said, “You only jumped up and down twice, needs to be 3 times”. He stared at me, then jumped up and down 3 times and started turning circles until I jumped up shouting, “wait wait!!!” He stopped, “we’re not ready”, I told him, “we need to be full mana.” He apologized and we sat down for another minute. I was laughing so hard at this point that I could barely type, “OK go,” a minute later. He jumped up and down 3 times, spun 3 circles, I reached over and hit the macro and Poof! Froglok. Frodo lost his shit. “Holy crap!” he yelled, that’s crazy. We killed Slaythe and again Frodo started to jump up and down and I had to remind him that we weren’t ready. He ended up hanging around with us for an hour or two, spawning the froglok for us. He was even getting tricky, and sneaking behind me while he did it, but whenever he did it correctly, I’d hit the button, if he made a mistake I wouldn’t. I think about Frodo sometimes, and I often imagine him taking all his friends out to the magical Froglok Vending Machine but never being able to get it to work again. I truly miss EQ when it was a mystery. I also realize this was evil. 17 years later though, it still makes me laugh.
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    Sorry to hear this Inshadows, have fun with whatever you end up doing sir.