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  1. Stoobid Aggro

    Knock Knock!

    Who is there? [Sat Sep 16 21:25:00 2017] Arch Magus Vangl has been slain by Tarburz! Guess no one's there anymore! CoA - Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, Warden Hanvar, Jelvan, and Arch Magus Vangl all dead! Not bad for a first run through CoA Grats Ythera, Mogui, and Venalin on our first Epic 2.0 Orbs! OMM's Next!
  2. Stoobid Aggro


    Omens of War - One Week Away Keeps one up at night....
  3. Stoobid Aggro


    A few months back I discovered a monument that was OBVIOUSLY created to honour yours truly. Funny though, that even though this undying piece of art is done with great skill, the one who made it can't spell "Stoobid" properly! The first one to find this place and post a screenshot with him/herself in front of it will receive one Krono
  4. Stoobid Aggro

    Music Thread

    If you like these guys, you will love this.
  5. Stoobid Aggro

    Share your food with me! (RECIPES)

    I tried this one.. with chicken. Pretty damn good. Also, a life changing vid
  6. Stoobid Aggro

    Valerian - Luc Besson

    One of my great treasures when I was a kid, was a well worn copy of Valerian and Laureline, Ambassador of the Shadows. Just as Tolkien and Ursula k. LeGuin introduced me to high fantasy, Valerian's adventures were my first real love with scifi. Now, Luc Besson is releasing his film, Valerian - The city of a thousand planets. Life could not be better.
  7. Stoobid Aggro

    Music Thread

    HAM - Dead Whore A recording from 2014, but this band started in my garage back in 1988. BTW the singer is currently the minister of health in the Icelandic government. Yea.... we do things a bit differently here.
  8. Stoobid Aggro

    Bidding Rules, DKP & Rolling for Items

    Yea, this has been updated in several places, need to fix it here, ty Cardozo.
  9. Stoobid Aggro

    Bidding Rules, DKP & Rolling for Items

  10. Stoobid Aggro

    Bidding Rules, DKP & Rolling for Items

    Temporary adjustments to the rules as they are posted above, are as follows: From 1st of April (end of Saturday's raid), the following will be implemented (subject to review) - The limit that allows a member to bid on items in the first round will be raised to 70% - Maximum DKP pool will be 2500 points. Use it or loose it. - Maximum DKP pool does not apply to approved raid boxes. From LDoN launch, the following will be implemented (subject to review) - The limit that allows a member to bid on items in the first round will be raised to 75%
  11. Stoobid Aggro

    Bidding Rules, DKP & Rolling for Items

    Bidding Rules, DKP & Rolling for Items Short Version As this is a part of our organization where everything must be correct, the rules are many and somewhat complex. In short though, there is a handful of main rules: 1. You raid and get DKP accordingly. 2. At the start of a raid, you must know your RA% and DKP, find it HERE 3. You can bid on drops when called for. 4. You can roll on drops when called for. 5. Cheaters will be hanged. 6. Kanamori is God. Quite Lengthy and Fully Exhaustive Version Bidding Rules 1. At the start of every expansion, there will be a two-week grace period for bidding. After this grace period, raiders can only bid if their character is of max level for the expansion. This does not apply towards raid approved boxes, who should be within 5 levels of max level for the expansion. If a character is allowed into the raid below the max level cap at the time due to numbers, they cannot bid (they WILL earn DKP however). 2. If your class cannot use an item, do not bid on the item. If a raid approved box cannot use an item due to being below level to use it, the only time the box can win the item is if it is on rot status. 3. The bidding process is by blind bidding to an officer running a particular piece of loot. The character wishing to bid will send a tell to the officer running the loot. If multiple loots are running at the same time, make sure you are sending a tell to the correct officer. 4. The first round of bidding has a minimum requirement of >60%, 30 day raid attendance. 5. The first round of bidding has a minimum of 200 DKP bid (100 for Augs at this time). All bids above 200 DKP will be rounded down to 200 DKP or one-half the bid amount (if >400 DKP) if there are no other bids. The winner of a competitive bid will be charged +5 above the second place person (or third place person in the case of a double drop, etc...). If you do not have 200 DKP available, you CANNOT bid in the first round. Applicants and Raid Approved Boxes WILL NOT be allowed to bid in the first round. 6. Bids are in increments of 5. If a character is going "all in" with his or her bid, the increment does not matter. For purposes of calculating bids higher than the "all in" character, the bid is counted as rounded up to the nearest multiple of 5. Example - Kanamori bids 283 DKP (all in) and Banditau bids 295 DKP. Banditau will win the item at 290 DKP (Kanamori's bid is counted as being 285, and the winning bid is +5 above the second place person = 290 DKP). Bids that are uncontested are cut by 1/2 of the bid amount, with the exception of first round bidding (minimum bid remains 200 DKP, all bids above that are cut in half if >400 DKP or rounded to 200 DKP for bids lower than 400 DKP) and Raid Approved Boxes. The halving of uncontested bids is rounded up to the nearest multiple of 5 (meaning the minimum a bid can be halved is to 5 DKP). Example - Kanamori bids 25 DKP for an item and is the only bidder. That bid is halved to 15 DKP for the actual DKP charge. 7. The second round of bidding has no minimum raid attendance OR DKP bid amount. Bids CAN be higher than 200 DKP in this round - meaning people with a large amount of DKP but low attendance can win the item they desire, just not in the first round. Mains do NOT have preference over Raid Approved Boxes in this round. 8. The second round of bidding is where Raid Approved Boxes can bid. These boxes are capped at a maximum bid of 200 DKP. Their bids are also tripled when the amount actually charged on the DKP writeup happens. Example - Tayzonday (a Raid Approved Box) bids 200 DKP on an item and wins it. He is charged 600 DKP when the actual DKP charge is made on the DKP website. In the case that a Raid Approved Box is not the winner, but the second place person, the bid amount is what the winner is charged + 5 DKP, not the charged amount. Example - Kanamori bids 1000 DKP on an item and Tayzonday bids 200 DKP. Kanamori wins the item at 205 DKP. Raid Approved Boxes win over regular Raiders as they would if they were a main (ie +5 above the second place person). In the case that the Raid Approved Box is the only bidder on an item, the bid is not halved like it would be for a regular Raider. 8. If you have an alt on the raid or ready to join the raid to loot an item, you may bid in the second round for your alt (non-raider, non-raid approved box). When doing so, include with your bid the statement that it's for an alt. If no mains or raid approved boxes bid on the item during this round, the bids from the alts will be considered instead. The dkp bid is deducted from the main's pool upon winning the item. If bidding for an alt, officers can reject the bid if your alt isn't ready to go and in a convenient place to loot the item. Please, don't bid for an alt that's on the same account as your main; it uses up too much time shuffling around characters. 9. The winner of any bid can forgo their victory to pass to the second place person (and only the second place person and never to a Raid Approved Box). This is done because some items are highly geared towards certain classes, thus a person not of those classes might want an item, but not at the expense of a main of that class. This MUST be done very quickly, prior to the loot being assigned via the Loot Window. 10. Overbids will be dealt with via very draconian measures. It is the person bidding's responsibility to know their DKP and their attendance. If you have won an item earlier, you must subtract this amount out yourself. Officers will not tell you your DKP during raids unless there are problems with the DKP site. If you overbid, you are subject to penalty to be determined by the DKP Keeper (severity of the overbid will determine the amount penalized). This penalty CAN take you into negative DKP territory, from which you CANNOT BID AT ALL until you have regained positive DKP. If you are not allowed to bid due to too low of attendance and bid during a time you are ineligible to bid, it will also be subject to penalty. Members are responsible to know their attendance % from the DKP website at the start of the raid night. The penalty for bidding out of order, winning, AND LOOTING an item (without an officer stepping in and stopping it first, the penalty ONLY occurs after the looting has happened) will be up to 1/2 the value of the bid (example, Kanamori at 20% attendance bids and wins an item for 500 DKP during the first round of bidding with a minimum bid attendance of 60% AND loots the item, he will be charged up to 750 DKP for the bidding out of order). As before, this penalty CAN take you into negative DKP territory. DO NOT OVERBID/BID OUT OF ORDER. 11. A misloot is subject to a minimum DKP penalty of 100 DKP, or the price of the item + 100 DKP, whichever is higher. A person that misloots an item due to an improperly set loot filter will be removed from the raid immediately and their guild status will be reviewed. In any case, a misloot can be cause for guild removal (and will be cause for any applicant). A lesser penalty can include being restricted from bidding for two weeks. Penalties are subject to officer determination and can be more or less penalized due to severity of the infraction. DO NOT MISLOOT. 12. DO NOT SEND REQUESTS FOR YOUR DKP TO BE UPDATED FOR WHATEVER REASON DURING RAID TIME. All corrections for DKP will be done AFTER raid time and via posting on the Raid Records section of the guild forum (at http://cultofchaos.com/forums/forum/37-raid-records/ ). 13. Some items might be restricted to certain classes for guild progression purposes (ie gearing Warriors sufficiently for tanking raid bosses in the next expansion). These restrictions will be announced during the item bid and bids of this type WILL ONLY BE FOR THE FIRST ROUND. Any item that does not go for at least 200 DKP will be opened to ALL bidders in a second round as normal. 14. Some items might be auctioned only once for multiple items in a set; normally these are quest items where multiple parts are necessary for completion. The first item will be charged a DKP price (subject to some minimums determined by officers at certain times). The remainder of the items will be awarded at 0 DKP to the person that has paid the one-time cost. This type of item chain will be tracked by officers and awards will be in order. 15. Do not attempt to gameplan, collude, distract, or downtalk items in raidsay or Teamspeak during the bidding process. Officers stating facts about an item (ie how much a proc is for, or requirements, or usability) IS NOT in violation of this rule. Do not discuss how much you are bidding in any channel or Teamspeak during the bidding process. Actions can be taken for violation of this rule. 16. A character with 0 or less dkp is only allowed to bid 5 dkp, sending them into the negatives without penalty. 17. Proxy bids are, in general, frowned upon. This does not mean that these types of bids are not allowed, but, they should be extremely rare. If a character is not online and a particular item drops that they have been highly pursuing, another character with the missing character's log-in information CAN bid for the missing character. This proxy bid is limited to 500 DKP and is deducted from the online person's DKP (not the person that was missing). If the missing character is being boxed already by another person, the boxer can bid for the missing character, using the missing character's DKP (subject to the same DKP bid cap of 500 DKP or the missing character's DKP maximum, whichever is lower). THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS FOR PROXY BIDS. You MUST be absolutely sure of someone's wishes to use proxy bids. Expect many questions and harassment prior to having the bid approved. LIMIT ONE proxy BID per expansion for any one character. (Note: To-date, one proxy bid has been performed). You cannot proxy bid for Raid Approved Boxes. 18. No drop items that are in rot status will be looted by the master looter and destroyed. Tradable items will be looted to be sold for guilds funds. On officer decision (and is the case for most tradable items), the tradable item will NOT be bid or rolled on. If you wish to purchase an item from the guild bank that dropped during a raid, contact a guild banker (NOT DURING THE RAID). Items purchased by mains (with raiders having priority over non-raiders) will have a large discount compared to what the guild will charge the public for an item. Items purchased by alts (alts have no preference over mains in any case) will be at a smaller discount. This does not apply to general vendor items. It DOES apply to tradeskill items per officer discretion. 19. Spells are NORMALLY officer determined. Spell turn in may be via collection of all turn in items being looted by one officer and handed out. When No Drop spell turn in components are encountered, these will be assigned by officers to people for looting. DO NOT LOOT ANY RUNE YOU WERE NOT GIVEN. Some spell turn in components may eventually become rolled items, make sure before you select NEED or GREED that you know what the status for particular spell is at. 20. If you cause guild drama as a result of bids, you may be removed from the raid. If you lost a bid, man or woman up and accept it. If you lost to someone you consider inferior to your character, reconsider your position before saying something either in game, in Teamspeak, on the Guild Forums, or in personal tells. Public drama won't be tolerated over loot. 21. Officers running loots CAN MODIFY these rules as necessary at any time. Most likely, this might be sending an item to rolls or opening an item to all on the first call due to low desirability of an item and to lower the amount of time loot takes to be done. This should not be common. 22. In addition to in game item restrictions, we sometimes put in place additional class restrictions on items, if we deem them critical to certain class or classes. These restrictions are reviewed every month. You can find the current item restrictions by clicking here. Rolling on Loot 1. During raids, you must have your Advanced Loot Window filters selected to OFF. Under NO circumstances should Auto Loot items be turned on during raids. Anyone that is caught rolling on raid loots in the Advanced Loot Window without specifically being told to do so (or an Officer, and only an Officer, rolling NEED to prevent anyone from winning a roll) will face penalties that can be very harsh (see #4 below). 2. In general rolls for raid loots will be called for by an officer. Our typical roll is done manually (not in the Advanced Loot Window) via /random 0 1000. The winner of the roll will be awarded the item by the officer running the item in the Advanced Loot Window. Be aware that sometimes people will troll such rolls. If a troll "wins" a roll and this is not caught by an officer and the troll is awarded the item and he or she loots it, stand by to stand by. The fallout from that will not be pretty (see #4). That is all. 3. Some items may be rolled in the Advanced Loot Window - mostly No Drop spell runes and/or group loot items. ENSURE you know exactly if you are to roll or not and what to roll. In almost all cases rolls such as this will consist of Mains rolling NEED and Alts/Raid Boxes rolling GREED. The officer running that particular item will state what the case is. Another variation is rolling NEED if you would use an item as worn equipment or GREED for clicky/illusion purposes. Both types of rolls have been done. IF you have a question, ask BEFORE the item rolls. Best practices are to confirm you are the proper winner prior to looting an item you won via an Advanced Loot Window roll (just to cover your butt). 4. Mislooting via Auto Roll/Auto Loot is subject to guild removal depending on the severity of the infraction. We have done this in the past, the item is the person's going away present. We also will make sure any other guild the person might potentially seek raid status from knows exactly what the person did and our thoughts on the matter. At a minimum on a non-consequential item, a 100 DKP "I'm a dumbass" fine will be imposed. DO NOT MISLOOT. 5. Droppable Tradeskill items are generally rolled in the Advanced Loot Window or assigned to an officer who collects such items to parcel out to Tradeskillers. If you need a particular drop, let the officer that the item went to know via a PM (not during the raid). If a No Drop Tradeskill or Quest item drops or can/will drop on a particular raid, let the person running the loot window know prior to the drop so the item can be assigned to you. PLEASE NOTE: Some quest items are charged DKP values due to how good the resultant quest item are (Essences/Hope Stone from PoP, and Skins or Tongues from GoD are examples). If there is a question, ask before loot of the item happens. If you loot one of these without being told to do so, prepare to spend DKP or face consequences in #4. 6. Know what items are that you are rolling on for general raid trash drops. If you have a question, don't roll. Sometimes drop from raids that are used in Epic 1.5/2.0/2.5 or Shawl 1.0/2.0/3.0. If you are asked to not roll on an item, don't roll. This has been a common problem in the Elemental Planes in PoP already, where Necromancer and Beastlord Epic 2.0 drops already have happened and few have gone to members of these classes. Don't let officers catch you rolling these items if you are not of the classes that need these kinds of items. 7. All rolled items, unless otherwise told, will be charged 0 DKP. DKP Rules 1. You earn 3 DKP per 30 minute period. You earn an assigned DKP value per major target kill (normally 5-25 DKP based on difficulty or importance). 2. DKP is capped at 2500 starting at this posting. Any DKP above 2500 is lost. DKP capping is done manually AFTER all raid information is entered (ie DKP earned + DKP spent for a raid night). Raid Approved Boxes are NOT subject to this cap. 3. Raid dumps will be equalized to a generic value of 25 dumps for a raid night. This will NOT impact the DKP value of the raid. It WILL impact the Raid Attendance value of the raids - all raids should have an equal raid attendance value. This is a major change from the old method, where one raid might have 12 dumps and another 20 dumps. This inequality of the number of dumps adversely impacted some people that historically had to miss certain nights of the week. Equalizing the number of dumps (by adding 0 DKP value dumps to equal 25 for the night). Any dumps added will be evenly spread throughout the night to keep from rewarding people the leave early or hurt those that come late. 4. If you become inactive WITHOUT posting a reason for officers to determine suitability to maintain DKP, you WILL LOSE YOUR DKP. At 0%, a character will have their DKP zeroed out. Suitability is very general and will most likely be approved, assuming you are not abusing the system. Zeroing DKP is done via an adjustment. If you are zeroed in error, it is easy to correct the problem. 5. You are responsible for observing your DKP and pointing out errors by posting on the Raid Records section of the guild forum (at http://cultofchaos.com/forums/forum/37-raid-records/ ). The officers and the DKP keeper will not be doing this job for you. 6. A posting for each raid night is made on the Raid Records section of the guild forum. This posting will contain the raid dumps for time-based and kill-based DKP and the writeup for people sitting out, the kill times (in PST), and the item DKP charges. 7. DKP is always entered into the DKP website prior to the next raid start. If DKP cannot be done, due to illness or technical error, a generic DKP value will be added to all attendees. People that overbid due to items not being charged for the previous raid due to officer illness or error, WILL NOT BE PUNISHED, under reasonable circumstances (ie don't overbid by 2000 DKP). 8. If you find an error, find where the error is yourself and post on the Raid Records section. The DKP Keeper does not have time to search 10,000 records (literally) for one error, especially one made near the end of the current 30-day window. 9. Do not assume that your Raid Approved Box has DKP when you make a request to raid box posting. Check the DKP website and ask first if -99999 is seen before bidding during raids. 10. Let the DKP Keeper know of any name changes PRIOR TO RAID START. A posting way ahead of raid start time is appreciated. If you lose DKP due to a last minute, or during a raid, name change that is not forced by an EQ Guide/GM, this is not on the DKP Keeper. 11. If you are asked to play another character for a raid, or for the night, due to raid needs, please let the person taking the DKP dumps (normally Kanamori) for the night know. Your main will be credited for DKP for the night and the person character being played will be removed. If you are boxing another main character, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO LET THE DKP KEEPER KNOW. Do not let the DKP Keeper catch you playing two characters without officer knowledge. The penalties for such action can include guild removal. Do NOT attempt to game the DKP system. 12. If you show up at raid start and the raid is full, join our sitout channel (normally cocfullraid:cocfullraid) ONLY if directed to do so by Drassen, Ramasu or Kanamori. Attendance is taken from this channel when dumps are taken. You are encouraged to do something productive while on the bench. If it is determined that you are AFK, you will be removed for the entire night. YOU MUST MONITOR THIS CHANNEL IF YOU ARE IN IT! It is not for you to watch TV or be alt-tabbed out to watch Twitch or to play another game, and AFK checks can and will be done. You will not be removed for the night on the basis of only 1 check. In general, if there is multiple people in the channel, group up and do something one or more of you need to accomplish - keys, XP, flags, quests, etc... If you are not of max level within two weeks of expansion release, you will most likely be asked to sitout. Updated 31 March 2017 - Kana & Stoo (Mostly Kana!) Updated 29 May 2017 - Kanamori (to clarify bidding when not eligible rule) Updated 31 July 2017 - Kanamori (to change restriction listing post link for GoD) Updated 13 September 2017 - Kanamori (to change restriction listing post link for OoW) Updated 15 January 2018 - Ythera (to adjust for minor rule changes and remove superfluous rules) Updated 24 October 2018 - Ythera (for clarity and precision)
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    Forum upgrade complete

    Same here, I cannot see the forum index, but I can get into most forums using some backdoor shenanigans.