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  1. Knock Knock!

    Who is there? [Sat Sep 16 21:25:00 2017] Arch Magus Vangl has been slain by Tarburz! Guess no one's there anymore! CoA - Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, Warden Hanvar, Jelvan, and Arch Magus Vangl all dead! Not bad for a first run through CoA Grats Ythera, Mogui, and Venalin on our first Epic 2.0 Orbs! OMM's Next!
  2. OOW

    Omens of War - One Week Away Keeps one up at night....
  3. OMG!

    A few months back I discovered a monument that was OBVIOUSLY created to honour yours truly. Funny though, that even though this undying piece of art is done with great skill, the one who made it can't spell "Stoobid" properly! The first one to find this place and post a screenshot with him/herself in front of it will receive one Krono
  4. Music Thread

    If you like these guys, you will love this.
  5. Share your food with me! (RECIPES)

    I tried this one.. with chicken. Pretty damn good. Also, a life changing vid
  6. Valerian - Luc Besson

    One of my great treasures when I was a kid, was a well worn copy of Valerian and Laureline, Ambassador of the Shadows. Just as Tolkien and Ursula k. LeGuin introduced me to high fantasy, Valerian's adventures were my first real love with scifi. Now, Luc Besson is releasing his film, Valerian - The city of a thousand planets. Life could not be better.
  7. Music Thread

    HAM - Dead Whore A recording from 2014, but this band started in my garage back in 1988. BTW the singer is currently the minister of health in the Icelandic government. Yea.... we do things a bit differently here.
  8. Forum upgrade complete

    Same here, I cannot see the forum index, but I can get into most forums using some backdoor shenanigans.

    The Grind Eternity was put on hold indefinitely
  10. Celebrating Three Months of Stoobid

    I mean... who the fuck allowed that idiot to join the raid in the first place??
  11. Music Thread

    That one somehow reminded me if this.... Now I need to go watch The Wall again.
  12. Blizzard!

    Looks like Iceland...