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  1. Not all Dungeons are Lost

    woo I made a list.. and dang that ass on penny.. hahah
  2. Test Update 4-12-2017

    Yea didnt see tgat line of text on the patch notes on the eq forums. May of missed it tho. Glad i can toggle this on/off
  3. Test Update 4-12-2017

    not happy about auto bash. I pay attention n bash when tge fuck i want. I dont need my bash hit right before a mob starts healing. I save my bashes to stun casting mobs. I hope there is a way to disable this feature.
  4. Share your food with me! (RECIPES)

    Roasted salsa Best salsa ever.
  5. Share your food with me! (RECIPES)

    Pico de gallo at the SDCC.
  6. Share your food with me! (RECIPES)

    Oh im sorry i dont have classy phone with a good camera.. lol but, no, its not a flip phone. Pics look fine to me idk lol. Quit being high maintenance hahaha jk!!!
  7. Share your food with me! (RECIPES)

    Guacamole at the SDCC Enjoy!
  8. Share your food with me! (RECIPES)

    Swan apple. Gonna start posting pics from work now .. lol
  9. For science they said....

    Haha your welcome. I was trying to ask to tank it in officer , but you were 3lected as the knight to tank it haha.
  10. Music Thread

    this guy drummed for NIN on their last tour. he has his own solo album where alot like trent reznor he looped all his own instruments and vocals to make his album by himself.
  11. Teamspeak Server Donation

    awesome job guys!.. much appreciated!

    SK with more hps/ac then a monk for more mobs in pulling... LFG
  13. Music Thread

  14. Music Thread

  15. Reduced lockouts 10/21 - 11/3

    they arent . i looked last night when it went live.