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  1. Arylin

    Test Update 4-12-2017

    100% dropchance of the atk clicky in warsilisk:P if you wana get an easy instaclicky just for dispelling mobs and while i do not know a thing about zerkers curently.... when i played.. i always stacked 2 discs on a burn... if that wont be possible anymore.. i dont expect them to even get into the top 5 sof-sod
  2. Arylin

    Book series

    i wasnt that much of a reader until a year ago, when i started reading D&D books .. Drizzt etc So far from the 70 i have.. i enjoyed those series the most : Song & Sword Triology ( where my Character name is coming from) by Elaine Cunningham --- is my favorite so far The War of the Spider Queen (6 books ) Starlight & shadows (3 books) and only after those ill rank the drizzt books