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  1. Raeyne


    HOLY COW!!! That's some snow there!
  2. Raeyne

    Chinese New Year

    Interesting; guess it is also my year then as I am a Rooster! hehe Raeyne
  3. Raeyne

    Share your food with me! (RECIPES)

    Spanish Rice: 1lb ground beef (if you're worried about fat you can use ground chuck) 1/4 onion diced 1 Green bell pepper diced 2 cups uncooked rice 1 46fl oz can of tomato juice Parmesan Cheese Brown ground beef in a skillet with the diced onion and bell pepper. Add salt and pepper to your taste as you brown your beef, onion, and bell pepper mixture. Drain. Put your ground beef mixture in a deep skillet or pot and add the whole can of tomato juice. Simmer till soft boil. In a separate pot make rice to the package directions. Once the rice is done add that to your soft boiling beef/tomato juice pan. Keep on a low heat/boil till juice is mostly absorbed into the rice, stirring occasionally. It should only be slightly moist/wet at this point. You can add Parmesan cheese to the Spanish rice while it cooks at the low heat/boil stage if you like. (although be aware that the utensils you use will be a pain to clean from the melted cheese) Otherwise, I add my Parmesan to my own bowl before i sit down to eat and serve bread sticks, cheesy bread, or plain butter bread with it. Enjoy!
  4. Raeyne

    Book series

    Astley, That series in not in the kindle unlimited library, but i may end up buying them at another time. However, i could also recommend these series, some of which are. A shade of Vampire (34 novel series so far) Gathering Water (3 novel series) Bound by Duty ( 3 novel series) Wilder "the guardian series" ( just started this one, not sure how many of these there are)
  5. Raeyne

    DKP site issues

    Ptah, I haven't been able to access the dkp site in a month or more now. I keep getting the "you do not have permission" page that requests for a log in name and password. I'm sure Inshadows is getting tired of me asking him every raid what my dkp is; can you look into this for me please? Thanks, Raeyne
  6. Raeyne


    Thank you Ptah for blocking Mealin and addressing his post as well. His actions and comments today were WAY out of line, and CoC does not need any kind of affiliation with the likes of persons of this nature. Also, I took it upon myself after said comments were made to do a /report in game as well. Hopefully, this matter is now resolved. Raeyne