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  1. Vidya - Everquest Mysteries

  2. Not all Dungeons are Lost

    I made the cut! And Bode....I think we're taking the competition thing a little too far these days......
  3. Forum upgrade complete

    You are on fire brother! Thank you for all the hard work.
  4. The Academy

    Q: Where's the safest place to live, in terms of avoiding natural disasters? http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/environment/a25230/safest-place-on-earth/ "Those who thrive in chilly conditions should head to places like Finland, Estonia, or Iceland, which are all too far north and east to be at risk for Atlantic hurricanes and too butt-ass cold for tornadoes to form. Conversely, if hot, dry weather is your thing, grab your sunblock, learn how to say "I'm Canadian, eh" in Arabic, and settle in somewhere like Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, or Saudi Arabia. " "If those two extremes are too extreme, Singapore is an interesting compromise. It has a tropical climate but, thanks to its position roughly astride the equator, is safe from harsh weather. Storms must be distinctly north or south of the equator in order to spin up to strength." Well it's settled. I'm moving in with Stoo.
  5. Thanks

    Hey brother, sorry to see you go. You will be missed. Your efforts at the window were always appreciated.
  6. Luclin is dead - Long live PoP!

    I never did a single damage to Emp Ssra....not one point....#PaladinLife
  7. Good Bye Landmark

    Was something I invested in, in the hopes of getting into EQN. https://www.landmarkthegame.com/news/important-news-about-landmark-2017
  8. Vidya - Everquest Mysteries

  9. Vidya - Everquest Mysteries

    I am tempted to try and figured out what Jairnel Marfury is for. Also a no drop item 'Blessed Mallet' drops in KC with no known use, another mystery to solve. Anyone want to play detective with me?
  10. Vidya - Everquest Mysteries

    New Video
  11. For science they said....

    "It'll be fine" ... they said.... AoW om nom nom
  12. Holiday sales in Daybreak Store

    The Tiger mount is now on sale on Phinny but only 3 hours left as of right now. - 12:09am PST
  13. Book series

    If you read the Ciaphas Cain books in order I think thats a good intro into the Warhammer40k universe. There tends to be a bit of notes in the book explaining words and phrases Cain uses that are part of the universe. And it's witty enough to where I think even the most casual reader of sci-fi novels would enjoy.
  14. Book series

    The Night Angel Trilogy - Brent Weeks The Lightbringer Series - Brent Weeks The Shadowdance Series - David Dalglish All 3 above are really great series I enjoyed. And my all time favorite are any of the books written about Commissar Ciaphas Cain of the Warhammer40k universe - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ciaphas_Cain