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  1. Holmes

    dkp site error code

    When trying to load my toons dkp page, I have been getting a "HTTP error 500" on occasion, and the page does not load. Sometimes I will get this error after navigating around the dkp site, for example trying to navigate from the 1st page of say the raid or item lists for my toon, to page 2. Not sure if this is my PC or dkp site issue. thanks
  2. Holmes

    editing profile

    Seems when updating profile information, the steam field is required to update other items. Cardozo
  3. Holmes

    Bidding Rules, DKP & Rolling for Items

    Hey, last raid for a few items the first round had > 70% RA (I think, it may have been 75%) and a few items had > 60% RA. I believe someone stated that it was supposed to be going at 60% in the first round. Just looking for confirmation that it is 60% RA going forward, or if certain items (due to rarity, BiS quality, etc.) actually had the higher RA % req. for the first round. Ty.
  4. Holmes


    I have a 50% grp ex pot to bring to the table, WTB spot in beastmode xp grp. Saturday morning/early afternoon, Sunday evening.
  5. Holmes

    My desk

    I use sharemouse, but it bugs out at times I find and the mouse becomes unresponsive and "gets lost", usually timing it when I need to switch quickly to drop a heal lol.