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  1. Kanamori

    Can't log into the DKP site?

  2. Kanamori

    Can't log into the DKP site?

    I did some notification thing in my inbox late this morning there that might have done what you needed. Check again.
  3. Kanamori

    Can't log into the DKP site?

    Thanks Ptah!
  4. Kanamori

    Can't log into the DKP site?

    I think I have fixed it. You won't have a character associated until I upload the logs though.
  5. Kanamori

    Ptah - DKP site - Out of Memory Errors

    Site performance improved drastically putting in DKP for last night. Thank you very much for your work on this Ptah!
  6. Kanamori

    Ptah - DKP site - Out of Memory Errors

    Thank you very much!!
  7. Kanamori

    Ptah - DKP site - Out of Memory Errors

    Ptah, I noticed that I was missing 300 DKP when I was putting in DKP just now. Not quite sure what would have caused that. EDIT - Just looking at the logs, it appears you're still working on the database. Didn't expect you up at this time still working. Not sure if my missing DKP is part of your script and the adjustment for the deleted raids is done later or not, so there might not be an issue. Not a lot of us from back then are still part of the guild heh. My bad. I'll hold of posting DKP until after I wake up this morning(-ish)
  8. Kanamori

    Ptah - DKP site - Out of Memory Errors

    Overall, the idea looks good and the list looks ok. Thanks for looking into and fixing this! The out of memory errors was getting pretty bad again due to the shear amount of data we have stored. I'd say going up to 6 months or so behind now and archiving it all is good. That's at least 2 expansions in almost any case that I can think of and is past any point where I would reasonably make a correction. Could we use this as a point to do a database cleanup periodically going forward? If at all possible, getting a copy of the list/DKP alterations made/to be made and keeping as an off-site archive would be useful (like in an Excel table with name - DKP from consolidation) and posting those in the Raid Records Administration forum in case I need to make/recreate someone for any reason.
  9. Kanamori

    Ptah - DKP site - Out of Memory Errors

    Ya, outside of maybe original and kunark, those should have been made with the expansion as the first part of the name. I think I had gone back and renamed some older stuff to this manner near when I first took up the DKP stuff, so most things should be pretty easy.
  10. Kanamori

    Ptah - DKP site - Out of Memory Errors

    I'm ok with archiving the older raid data and consolidating it, especially stuff from 1-2 years ago heh. Thanks for looking into it. I was kinda along the same path as you there with it and figured I just happened along at a bad time to do some DKP work, but I'm definitely no veteran or expert at the IT side of database management. I really do appreciate your work on this!
  11. Ptah, Been getting a decent number of out of memory errors while doing actions the DKP site the past 2 days. I'm not seeing what might be causing such a huge memory draw, but something appears to be hogging some recently. Can you take a look at it please. Thanks! Kana
  12. We came, we killed it. Grats everyone on a fast finish to TBS! Here's a picture of Stehlik, looking smug with his tricked out ring: Dukat seemed kinda happy:
  13. Kanamori

    Ashengate Teaparty

    We ventured into Ashengate for a tea party. Lethar was friendly enough, so we dunked our teabags! Much loots and happiness were had! Ashengate East/West/North downed! TSS complete! Congrats peeps and great work!!
  14. Kanamori

    Ice Ice Baby!

    With the launch of TSS came many fun times, along with many grind times. Thanks to a nice issue with a particular named spawning in Direwind, most guilds were locked out of doing Frostcrypt raids. We managed to grind out the kills and let our CoC explore new, and icy, lands! We found some giants, which we prompty murdercated beccause reasons (that and they drop loot). Frostcrypt Complete!
  15. Kanamori

    Can't log into the DKP site?

    The reality of attendance for the new peeps is that we will use your old attendance (listed on the guild tool ATM) for the first 30 days, then we will use our numbers from the DKP site. It's simpler that way and everyone that's come over has been >60% attendance that I saw.