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  1. Kanamori

    Ashengate Teaparty

    We ventured into Ashengate for a tea party. Lethar was friendly enough, so we dunked our teabags! Much loots and happiness were had! Ashengate East/West/North downed! TSS complete! Congrats peeps and great work!!
  2. Kanamori

    Ice Ice Baby!

    With the launch of TSS came many fun times, along with many grind times. Thanks to a nice issue with a particular named spawning in Direwind, most guilds were locked out of doing Frostcrypt raids. We managed to grind out the kills and let our CoC explore new, and icy, lands! We found some giants, which we prompty murdercated beccause reasons (that and they drop loot). Frostcrypt Complete!
  3. Kanamori

    Can't log into the DKP site?

    The reality of attendance for the new peeps is that we will use your old attendance (listed on the guild tool ATM) for the first 30 days, then we will use our numbers from the DKP site. It's simpler that way and everyone that's come over has been >60% attendance that I saw.
  4. PoR complete! We didn't proceed as fast as we wanted to in PoR due to logistics and the ability of guilds to block each other, but Deathknell has fallen! Parts of the server working together was a pretty big achievement and was pretty interesting to see happen in real time. Grats to those that finished ahead of us! We look forward to how the race shapes up in TSS - coming soon (tm)! The bells have stopped... finally.
  5. Kanamori


    You are awesome Ptah!
  6. Kanamori

    Mayong's Bleeding Over

    Kanamori has been farming Mayong so long that it's starting to bleed over to other games. Kana at least has some help in his madness. Coming soon (tm): PoR with more added Mayong.
  7. Kanamori

    A Farmin' We Will Go

    Been a busy week here with the CoC! Since they're not tracked on this, we also had DoN on lockout. With Sunday Funday going on later this week, the farm is real!
  8. Kanamori

    Needing Invite

    If someone doesn't get you by raid time tonight, talk with me or Ythera at raid time (5 PM PST) to get an invite.
  9. Kanamori

    DKP site acting up

    Ah. Well, thanks for looking into it!
  10. Kanamori

    DKP site acting up

    Had 2 out of memory errors when finishing up DKP today. Happened when I had entered all the dumps and was adding a person to one of the dumps.
  11. Kanamori

    DKP site acting up

    Just finished putting things in, didn't see any issues that go round. Thanks Ptah!
  12. Kanamori

    DKP site acting up

    Doing a manual entry worked, but damn that's slow to enter 60-75 peeps for each dump in that manner. 5 min to enter one dump is pretty bad when you got 25 dumps to do, that's looking around 2 hours to enter the night just for adding peeps to the raids. Edit - I'll pause here to give you a chance to see this Ptah and hopefully the issue is something simple to fix.
  13. Kanamori

    DKP site acting up

    Ya, it gave the same error. Going to try to manually enter the data.
  14. Kanamori

    DKP site acting up

    This is a new error I haven't seen before. Just attempted to import a raid file and got a MySQL error (x3). 02/22/18 11:20 AM >>>> 283a7c25313828552ecc0191bc1cc8dc <<<< Query: MySQL server has gone away Message: SELECT id FROM eqdkp21_notifications WHERE user_id=640 AND `read`=0 ORDER BY `time` DESC Code: 2006 Database: gidono_cocdkp Prefix: eqdkp21_ Trace: #0 /var/www/html/dkp2/libraries/dbal/dbal.class.php(797): DatabaseStatement->error('MySQL server ha...', 'SELECT id FROM ...', 2006) #1 /var/www/html/dkp2/core/data_handler/includes/modules/read/notifications/pdh_r_notifications.class.php(83): DatabaseStatement->execute(640) #2 /var/www/html/dkp2/core/data_handler/plus_datahandler.class.php(334): pdh_r_notifications->get_notifications_for_user(640) #3 /var/www/html/dkp2/core/notifications.class.php(165): plus_datahandler->get('notifications', 'notifications_f...', Array) #4 /var/www/html/dkp2/core/core.class.php(863): notifications->createNotifications() #5 /var/www/html/dkp2/core/core.class.php(164): core->page_tail() #6 /var/www/html/dkp2/core/core.class.php(142): core->generate_page() #7 /var/www/html/dkp2/core/core.class.php(135): core->set_vars('display', true) #8 /var/www/html/dkp2/index.php(670): core->set_vars(Array) #9 /var/www/html/dkp2/index.php(46): controller->display() #10 /var/www/html/dkp2/core/registry.class.php(70): controller->__construct() #11 /var/www/html/dkp2/index.php(980): registry::register('controller') #12 {main} <<<< Will try entering a dump one more time. If that doesn't work, I'll try doing it manually as opposed to using a text file import.
  15. Kanamori

    DKP site acting up

    Probably not, but I definitely appreciate your hard work on this!