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  1. Hopefully this will have SoD load balancing.
  2. Ythera

    When ARRRRGH ?!!?!

    Yarrr! https://youtu.be/UHIF4AtseYc
  3. Ythera

    When ARRRRGH ?!!?!

  4. Ythera

    Dev Tracker

  5. Ythera

    Test Update 7/10/18 - Patch Notes and Discussions

    Serpent's essences are going to be even better. Start farming those clockwork gnome bolts.
  6. Ythera

    Game Update Notes: May 16, 2018

    And tri swallows
  7. “Where’s your ac augs? You’re so squishy!” Venalin says to a teddy bear before giving its body a little squeeze to demonstrate its squishyness. Venalin turns to the rest of his stuffed animals to begin explaining the raid strategy, their button eyes gleaming in anticipation.
  8. So when EQ detonates, what games will everyone be going to?
  9. Ythera

    Mount Velocity

    Kill seru more sounds good.
  10. Ythera

    Mayong's Bleeding Over

    Lol, nice.
  11. Ythera


    Yeah, hate login recaptchas.
  12. Ythera

    I'm coming back

    Thank you, Byrd! Welcome back, Val!
  13. Ythera

    Patch Notes 2-21-2018

    Time to buy some bags.
  14. Ythera

    Test Patch 2-14-2018

    I’m ready to blow some dbc and buy some bags.
  15. Ythera

    Test Patch 2-14-2018

    Pretty sure that refers to the RoS version of the sledgemallet. It was accidentally set as a charm.
  16. Ythera

    Test Patch 2-14-2018

    Druid and shaman dots got nerfed, but only for future expansions, so our guildies are safe for now.
  17. Ythera

    Test Patch 2-14-2018

    Good stuff here: click into dpob from picks, block spells, and click from bag.
  18. Phinny clone for all the Agnarr peeps to hop to when they go insane from doing LDON raids.
  19. https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/phinigel-warning-dodh-vule-progression-broken.246788/ DBG recognizes that there’s an issue with Vule’s corpse disappearing but their answer is pretty silly. Hopefully they’ll have this fixed up for Wednesday but if not, then I foresee most guilds being stumped by this unless they luck out.
  20. Ythera

    Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    Hopefully 24 hours so it's done before raid Monday
  21. Ythera

    Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    Let us know what we need to do if anything, Ptah. Thanks for managing the website!