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  1. Ythera

    Caught Underfoot

  2. Ythera

    Server Downtime: Wednesday, March 13th @ 6:30 AM

    Be prepared to log on after the patch and spend 15 minutes recombobulating your chat/filter settings.
  3. Ythera

    Game Update Notes: February 20, 2019

    Niente, a blue, just confirmed it went in and the note was accidentally omitted.
  4. Ythera

    Game Update Notes: February 20, 2019

    Someone on the forums posted that they killed an Underfoot boss on live and it dropped the extra items, so it just got omitted.
  5. Ythera

    Game Update Notes: February 20, 2019

    Yeah, me neither. Wonder if it was just omitted on accident.
  6. Yeah, I saw that as well Xhann and found it to be a rather cryptic message.
  7. Sounds good to me. I can help.
  8. The question is, did they raise everyone to the level of rogues, warriors and halflings, or just remove the bonus from them?
  9. Hopefully this will have SoD load balancing.
  10. Ythera

    When ARRRRGH ?!!?!

    Yarrr! https://youtu.be/UHIF4AtseYc
  11. Ythera

    When ARRRRGH ?!!?!

  12. Ythera

    Dev Tracker

  13. Ythera

    Test Update 7/10/18 - Patch Notes and Discussions

    Serpent's essences are going to be even better. Start farming those clockwork gnome bolts.
  14. Ythera

    Game Update Notes: May 16, 2018

    And tri swallows
  15. “Where’s your ac augs? You’re so squishy!” Venalin says to a teddy bear before giving its body a little squeeze to demonstrate its squishyness. Venalin turns to the rest of his stuffed animals to begin explaining the raid strategy, their button eyes gleaming in anticipation.