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  1. Astley

    Mayong's Bleeding Over

    That is pretty much exactly what I look like...
  2. Astley

    raid dps

    Right, we get what you're saying about the tank gear and dps gear mods... but ideally... your gear plan should be to have ALL of those items. You wouldn't swap in a Cleave item for a Dodge mod for example if you wanted to DPS. Your gear load-out would have all of those mods together. Much like how casters go for having all their necessary Foci on their gear at once. This is one of the reasons we stress previewing gear drops for everyone for their class, because you can have all the focus effects necessary with proper planning. So, it's not like, you do more DPS with X-gear loadout versus Y-gear loadout. Sometimes you have to wait awhile for the pieces that are most ideal, but there are a few different options for each mod usually and you can sometimes reposition or upgrade certain mods to different slots. So when we talk DPS, we do so talking about the peak/ideal type situations where players have all those necessary mods for their DPS burns.
  3. Astley

    raid dps

    Yeah... there really isn't a "DPS Gear" versus "Tank Gear" You're not swapping gear in/out in most circumstances (unless say, adding a shield to tank versus DPS weapons) as you might for some other MMOs Mostly, you want to just collect gear with certain Focus Effects like Ferocity and Cleave for melee'ing DPS boosts. Then popping the DPS centered disciplines at the right moments. But at the high end, your gear otherwise won't change your stats between Tanking or DPS. All of your base stats affecting DPS should be maxxed in your gear, and you're just working on boosting how many heroic stats you have. Now, having more Heroic STR versus Heroic AGI will boost your DPS a bit, but it is kind of marginal really in comparison to having a weapon for DPS versus a weapon for Tanking. You shouldn't try to boost certain gear slots and have one outfit for DPS and one for Tanking. Your Best-in-slot set will be pretty much best for both situations. And the difference between a BiS DPS item vs. a BiS Tank item is really a marginal upgrade for DPS, and probably a downgrade for Tanking.
  4. Update on the newest expansion info for live servers: Everquest: Ring of Scale continues the Empires of Kunark look into old expansion favorite of Kunark. It appears Venril Sathir is back guarding a tomb of gold or something... and Gorowyn (the EQ2 sarnak city) will be making an appearance now. Plus... anyone logging in on an all access account gets a new free illusion: https://www.everquest.com/news/eq-producers-letter-2017-expansion-news
  5. Astley

    Double EXP?

    Yep... It's official, posted on the site. Probably won't be able to utilize a lot of it myself, but I'll be trying tomorrow night I think.
  6. Astley

    Let's Play: Where Did I Die?

    *whistles innocently*
  7. Ngreth mentioned in General the other day something that indicated experience rate would go from 'very low' to 'low'. Mepps, Senior Community Manager, responded to a question about this on the forums to indicate that at certain expansions, the EXP rate will increase somewhat, similar to experience rate increases that occurred periodically during these coming expansions. So... long story short - EXP will get slightly better during Gates of Discord! Yay!
  8. Astley

    Test Patch Notes (5-9-17)

    Interesting they fixed the skullcap Multi-questing... HUGE that the fixed Druid/Shaman DoTs finally... A fix to improper replay timer bugs? yay! Agnarr is getting 'thematic' changes to their Agents of Change? Soooo... they're not all gonna be fish-men? Probably picking a random NPC from inside the encounter and using it to be the model, so a Kobold for Nagafen, Ice Goblin for Vox, Phinigel will probably stay the same... Maybe a Bee for Sky... This seems like an odd change, along with the choice to go back to old world models for lots of NPCs. Must be sort of themed to encourage some of the p99 players to jump ship.
  9. Astley

    The John Stamos Art Thread

    Perhaps a screen cap from Full House with Stamos (Blinky) reading a bedtime story to Michelle (Bodegas) or something along that lines
  10. Astley

    The John Stamos Art Thread

    So... Riot Fest in Chicago has just announced they are going to hold a John Stamos themed Art show. http://riotfest.org/2017/04/greatest-john-stamos-art-show/ This punk fest never ceases to amaze me. But it got me to thinking that this would be an excellent theme topic for an intra-guild image contest. Lets see who can come up with the most awe-inspiring John Stamos themed works of photoshop glory. Dogwizard, I expect greatness from you in particular.
  11. Astley

    New Forum Ranks

    For clarification... What are all of the current rankings now and post count levels for those rankings?
  12. Astley

    Test Update 4-12-2017

    - - The hold-right click menu for combat skill hot buttons now has an 'Auto Activate' toggle to enable/disable the automatic activation of these skills.- - The slash command /autoskill can also be used to toggle the automatic activation of these skills.
  13. Astley

    Test Update 4-12-2017

    I mean... my hands will probably appreciate me not spam-firing the commands any more, but yeah, this is a weird addition.
  14. Astley

    Test Update 4-12-2017

    Wait.... what? - Added the ability for level 61 and higher level players to automatically activate basic combat skills (Backstab, Bash, Frenzy, Kick, Tiger Claw, etc) while auto-attacking: - - 1. The hold-right click menu for combat skill hot buttons now has an 'Auto Activate' toggle to enable/disable the automatic activation of these skills. - - 2. The slash command /autoskill can also be used to toggle the automatic activation of these skills. Are you saying Monks and Rogues can sortof AFK-Autofire like Rangers now?
  15. Astley

    Did you know

    Love you too Val.