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  1. Gawwin

    My desk

    Had some questions about my setup lately - this is pretty much it. 3 laptops (one displaying on a monitor), 3 desktops, separate mice, keyboards, etc. Once I play beyond 2, I have keyboards/mice set up with assist and ability macros, for dps at least. It's not efficient at all, but it gets the job done when there are slim pickings for groups.
  2. For those of you who may be thinking it's time to start poking back in to get ready for GoD, and haven't fired up the patcher in a while: Bonus exp hot off the presses, courtesy of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson! https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/25-off-marketplace-for-members-76-bonus-xp-for-all-–-june-30-july-5.242324/
  3. With the release of Agnarr, the "2nd Chance" Time Locked Server Adventure Pack expired, and they transitioned to the "3rd Chance" version of the pack. If you purchased the original and/or 2nd Chance pack, for the Steadfast Satchels/exp pots, you can purchase it a 3rd time, for a whopping 120 bag slots (Giant, 100% weight reduction). The page doesn't specify it's a different bag ID now from the previous two, but Devs confirmed it on the boards, and I have all 3 in my inventory. You'll only be able to claim it once per account, so those of you dabbling in Agnarr have a choice to make. The final price, after the membership discount, was $26.99 US. https://www.everquest.com/expansion-content Happy Hunting and hoarding!