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  1. Ptah

    Enabled Google Log In

    I have enabled the ability to log into the forums using your google email address. It will ask you to verify your forum log in information the first time and then should save it from there on out. Let me know if you have trouble with this.
  2. Ptah

    Can't log into the DKP site?

    You should have access now.
  3. Ptah

    Can't log into the DKP site?

    It used to be set up to where the forums user table was linked to the dkp user table. There were some issues with accounts when they were created so I turned that off. I just set your account on the dkp site to applicant permissions so you have access now.
  4. Ptah

    Can't log into the DKP site?

    I don't see a username for you Razorback. Have you registered an account through the DKP site?
  5. Ptah

    Can't log into the DKP site?

    No problem. I looked up why you didn't get an email and the mail log shows that your mail server is reporting your username as unknown and therefore bounced the email back.
  6. Ptah

    Can't log into the DKP site?

    I switched the account activation over to admin approve since some emails are getting bounced. I just activated your account and your user access is set to applicant so you should have access now.
  7. Ptah


    We have met our goal and beyond folks, thanks for all the donations!
  8. Ptah


    Hallows Eve theme upgraded and in working condition. Titan was upgraded to the latest version as well. Chameleon was upgraded as well.
  9. Ptah


    Forum license updated for another 6 months. Thanks for the donations folks!
  10. Ptah


    Forums have been upgraded to the latest version. There were some theme incompatibilities. The Hallows Eve them is kinda broken because of it, I'm waiting for the developer to update it. Titan theme did have a upgrade and I already upgraded it. Chameleon theme hasn't been upgraded yet but I don't see any issues with it so far.
  11. Ptah


    It's that time of the year where money is needed to keep feeding the beast that is the web server. Also the forum license expires on the 27th. I've paid for the last few months hosting out of my own pocket. What I would like is for donations to pay for last months hosting costs and this months which is due soon. $50 forum license renewal $34 August hosting cost $34 September hosting cost I've attached all the print outs from the sites explaining this stuff and even attached a csv file showing the monthly costs of the hosting if you want to import that into a spreadsheet. You can donate by clicking on the donation button on the right side of the forums. costs.csv
  12. Ptah

    Ptah - DKP site - Out of Memory Errors

    Ok done with adjustments. You can enter raids now.
  13. Ptah

    Ptah - DKP site - Out of Memory Errors

    I removed the raid you added since it conflicts with the records I took. Once I'm done with adjustments I'll let ya know so you can add raids.
  14. Ptah

    Ptah - DKP site - Out of Memory Errors

    Going to wait a half hour and then check again. It's still adjusting things behind the scenes since I've seen dkp values change.
  15. Ptah

    Ptah - DKP site - Out of Memory Errors

    I'm done for the time being. Classic, Kunark, and Velious raids are all removed along with events too. I'll go through and add adjustments to everyone where their dkp values changed.