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  1. Miss you too. I'm doing well, how are you doing?
  2. I added a Prophecy of Ro and The Serpent's Spine forum to the expansion forums for all your posting pleasures.
  3. Ptah


    Thanks folks for all the donations. I paid the last $50 and got us a license. We're paid up on it until September 27, 2018 when all we owe is $40 for another 6 months of support, software upgrades and all that good stuff.
  4. Ptah

    Mount Velocity

    I'll add a new column for the mount tables we have on this wiki. Edit: Wiki page edited to show velocities now and added a couple of the mounts you Posted Brekis. I'll need to know which particular DB coin mounts you are referring to. The problem with velocity is, once you own a fast mount, it converts all your mounts to fast mounts so it's hard to get an accurate reading on this unless the person has never owned any mounts before.
  5. Ptah

    Activity Feed MIA

    It was removed because of Anarchy! Now that is is removed the earth will slowly descend into darkness! I moved the member map into the browse drop down to make room to bring BACK THE ACTIVITY MENU AGAIN. THE WORLD IS SAVED.....for now.
  6. Ptah


    It looks like we are making our way to the goal, just a few more donations and we can make a dream come true! That's right folks, we have operators standing by 24 hours a day to take your donations to give to the needy. Your donation will go to the Lets Have A Functional Website Foundation that will make many guild mates happy we have a place to post information and have a DKP site. For less than a cup of Starbucks coffee, you can help make a difference in the world wide web.
  7. Ptah

    DKP Site Upgraded

    I upgraded the DKP site to the newest version. If you are having issues with the site, let me know. I'm still setting things up so everything might not look like it did before, give it time, I'll fix it.
  8. Ptah


    I have put a donation link on the right side of the forums. The goal is $325 to pay for both a license for the forum ($300) and the monthly payment for my hosting ($25 on the last bill). What we're going for on the license is the forums and pages (front page and other things) package at https://invisioncommunity.com/buy/self-hosted After we pay for the license we'll get the first 6 months free and then after that, $40 every 6 months to hold the license. When you make a donation, it will mark on your forum profile that you are a donor and make it visible on your info. We need the license as it is right now because there are software updates (some vulnerabilities exist in the current version) that need to be applied that I can't do due to not having a license. This license covers any support we need from the company and software upgrades which is about to happen here soon as they are upgrading to a whole new version. The fee amount you'll see on the donation is paypal's greedy hands dipping into the donations. I would have to register as a non profit organization in order for them to not touch the money.
  9. Ptah


  10. Ptah

    DKP site acting up

    Ya I saw them, I was on the server when it happened. It's a problem with the raid import script. EQDKP Plus developers haven't acknowledged the problem yet.
  11. Ptah


    I had to upgrade the recaptcha since the version we were using for registration and applications was going to stop working soon. The new captcha is the same one you see when you sign into the Daybreak Forums. However we won't be using the login recaptcha, this is only for registrations and applications on our site.
  12. Ptah

    DKP site acting up

    Ok give it another shot and lets see what happens. I gave us another 8 gigs of SSD. We'll see how fast that fills up. I'll add a monitor for that to make sure we don't run out again.
  13. Ptah

    DKP site acting up

    Sec, ran out of disk space. I'll need to add another drive.
  14. Ptah

    RSS Feed for EQ News

    Added a couple more RSS Feeds off the official EQ forums. One for the game update notes forum and one for the test forums. Anytime they make a new post in either of those forums it will auto make a topic for them on our forums in the news section.
  15. Ptah

    DKP site acting up

    Ok thanks. They haven't responded to me yet. I don't think they like the fact I keep pointing out things they need to fix since they aren't going to develop anymore new versions.