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  1. SSL enabled

    Fixed the insecure remote images issue. You should be seeing a green padlock regardless if remote images are served now. They are now downloaded by the forums and served locally.
  2. Oh boy. Who wants to start all over again in classic content with the fun in camping the VP key parts?
  3. Replacing Resources/actortaginfo.txt Replacing OptionsEditor.exe Replacing uifiles/default/CascadeMenu.txt Replacing uifiles/default/EQUI_AAWindow.xml Replacing uifiles/default/EQUI_FindItemWnd.xml Replacing uifiles/default/EQUI_GuildManagementWnd.xml Replacing uifiles/default/EQUI_BazaarSearchWnd.xml Replacing uifiles/default/EQUI_TaskOverlayWnd.xml Replacing uifiles/default/SIDL.xml Replacing AutoChannels.txt Replacing charasisb_chr.txt Patching dbstr_us.txt Patching spells_us.txt Replacing eqlsnews.txt Replacing eqmain.dll Replacing eqnews.txt Replacing eqstr_us.txt Replacing mss32.dll February 21, 2018 _____________________ *** Items *** - Items that can be converted will now always show the conversion preview link when inspected. Previously this link could only be seen if the item was in your inventory. - Containers that can be converted must now be empty of all items before they will process the conversion. - Lore is now enforced in the item recovery system. The recover tab in the merchant window will no longer allow for the storage of multiple items in the same lore group. Destroying an item while another in the same lore group exists in the recover tab will result in the second item being unrecoverable. - Corrected the spelling of Forgeborn Shield. - Removed the tradeskill flag from the Ring of Scale unique edible foragables. - Fixed the spell types on Crasher to allow the Remote Healing Blessing V proc to function. - Skull of Null is now All/All and a charm slot item. Fixed the shielding effect. Changed the click spell to Annul Magic. - Worker Sledgemallet is now restricted to non-casters and classes that can use 2 handed weapons and can be equipped in the primary slot. - Added Augmentation slots to the Ring of Scale chase items. - Set purity to 75 on Overlord and Archon Phlogiston armor. - Phlogiston two-handed weapons with negative poison save now have a save of 127. - A spell research table is available for housing. - Added Cleave VII - 38 to Scale Touched Dragonbrood Armwraps. - For Ring of Scale items, Added bash damage to shoulders, backstab damage to cloaks, and kick damage to neck items. - Added frenzy damage to select Ring of Scale face items. - Added Faerune to Scale Touched Dragonbrood Cowl. - Chalandria's fang now mentions its intended level cap. - Fixed an issue with the stats granted by the Ring of Scale power sources, which was lower than shown by the power sources. - Corrected the icons for Sebilisian Dragonhunter Cowl and Sebalisian Dragonhunter Armwraps. - Fixed the misspelling of Tevik's Vision. - Coercer's Conflagrant Wristguard now has the group poison/chromatic focus. - Coercer's Phlogiston Wristguard now has the raid poison/chromatic focus. - Trader's Satchel and its colored variants are now heirloom. - The following keys can now be added to the keyring when used: Wind Etched Key, Gem-Etched Key, Symbol of Torden, Crystalline Globe. - Tome of Tesh has been renamed to Tome of Tash. - The Brain in a Jar, Painting: Tink N Babble, Statue: Iksar Head, Emperor Ganak Throne, Statue: Iksar Bust, and Froglok Head in a Jar will now be flush with the ground when placed in housing in Cursor Mode. *** Tradeskills *** - Salvage can now return items that are returned on failure, in the cases where the return on failure amount is less than the amount used in the recipe. Previously, salvage considered any amount of items returned on failure as already recovered. For example: failing to create a Conflagrant Fish Scale Sheet can now return between two and ten Conflagrant Fish Scale Swatches instead of just two. - Changed the name of Conflagrant and Phlogiston Katar to Conflagrant and Phlogiston Claws. Renamed the appropriate recipes. Added the proper offhand look and modified the book Weapon and Shields of Combination to mention claws instead of a katar. *** Quests And Events *** - You are now unable to join another instance of a shared task that you leave prior to its completion until that first shared task comes to a close. - Drusella's Vault (Raid) - It is no longer possible to trigger the raid by standing in the starting area near the room where the raid takes place. - Balance of Power (Raid) - It should now be possible to receive the Foul Breath achievement. - Balance of Power (Raid) - The death of the real High Arcron Ioulin will no longer despawn all adds in the raid. - Balance of Power - (Raid and Mission) - The portals can no longer be opened like chests. - End of Empire (Raid and Mission) - Fixed an issue where the Kar`Zok soldiers would sometimes not drop Defender's Shield. Also changed the Combine allies in this fight not to be selected when using cycle-target. - Fell Foliage (mission) - removed the mechanic where Caktiikii teleports people into the ravine. Slowed the spawn rate of the adds and increased the number required for the boss to lock his HP by one. - Fell Foliage (Mission) - reduced the number of the same cactus adds needed to create the atrocious cactus from 5 to 3. Also fixed a bug that caused one too many to be needed to spawn the atrocious cactus. - Removed zone restrictions from all of the "Collect" steps of Crestra's "Earring" quests. - Hoshkar - Cloud of Frailty and Massive Cloud of Frailty now debuff casting speed instead of buffing it, and the slow debuff component now stacks with haste effects. - Corrected the achievement references in the holiday events. - Find Fibblebrap - Corathus - Bellfast will now offer all of the missions properly and will give you all of the information he was intended to give. Everyone please update your online guides (we're looking at you, Allakhazam) - Dreadspire Keep - The statue in Dreadspire Keep that can be used to enter the Demi-Plane of Blood will now work properly in pick zones. - Flight of the Seeker - Removed the ability to accidentally kill The Seeker and fail the mission. - The Master of Dreadspire - Hailing The Master of Dreadspire will reveal which answers you gave to Arturos, Irrissa the Seer, Ur-Koraag, and Ariahn Teller. - The Master of Dreadspire - The Master of Dreadspire will now remember the top several players of his hatelist and resume attacking them after the effect from the Burst of Dawn from the Glimmering Dawnstone wears off. - Porthio, the Second Born - The shared aggro between Porthio and Nightshade should work more reliably. - Emperor Ssraeshza - Emperor is now tethered to his room. - Most Vex Thal bosses now tether to their rooms. - Heroic Adventure NPCs have lower stats at level 106+, compared to the January 2018. - - Spells cast by NPCs in Heroic Adventures scale in approximately the same way the NPC's stats scale. For levels 101+ this was generally an increase. - - Heroic Adventures stop scaling at the maximum level in the era they were introduced. For example, 15th anniversary and Call of the Forsaken errands released when the maximum level was 100, so even if there is a level 101+ player in the zone, the highest they will scale is as if the max level player in the zone is level 100. - Altered the experience granted from heroic adventures. - Altered the points granted from heroic adventures. *** Spells *** - Fixed a bug where some characters were unable to learn any new combat abilities. - Corrected an issue where some spells erroneously displayed 'begins to sing a song.<>' - Lowered the damage on Strike of the Blood Orchid to one-hand weapon appropriate. - Boon of the Soother now triggers on heals instead of damage spells. - Berserker - Corrected the descriptions for the amount of hatred reduction on Jarring Jolt and Axe of Rekatok Jolt Effect. - Cleric - Increased the AC granted by Armor of the Merciful slightly. - Druid - Increased the AC granted by Arcronite Skin and Arcronite Blessing and adjusted stacking blockers so that they are no longer overwritten by Assurance. - Druid - Increased the mana regeneration rate of Arcronite Skin to match Arcronite Blessing. - Druid - Greatly reduced the damage of combined DoTs above level 70. The Flame Lick and Gelid Moonbeam lines have been further reduced in damage to reflect that they were not stackable before stacking groups were created. - Shaman - Greatly reduced the damage of combined DoTs above level 70. *** NPCs *** - Overthere and Skyfire (Ring of Scale) - NPC spells Aggressive Buffet, Irritating Spines, Rake, and Soul Drain no longer land through immunities. Lowered duration of Irritating Spines. - Veeshan's Peak (Ring of Scale) - NPCs should regard pets in the more common way now. - Veeshan's Peak (Ring of Scale) - The hard rares in the zone will respawn more slowly. - Veeshan's Peak (Ring of Scale) - The hard rares will only roll once for power sources. - Xalgoz in Sathir's Tomb has returned to his proper race. - The Doorman in Dreadspire Keep is now non-combatable. - Plane of Health - Lashun Novashine has remembered what he wanted to say and should respond properly now. - Depths of Darkhollow - Made a few quest NPCs immune to attack. - Shadowalker Dustspirit in Stoneroot Falls can no longer be killed and now has the (Missions) tag. *** Collections *** - Added lore text to many collectibles from Call of the Forsaken and The Broken Mirror. - Fixed the typos in the collectibles and associated achievements for the Dull Broadsword of Decay and Rust Venom. *** Progression Servers *** - Many UI features are no longer expansion restricted, including but not limited to: clicking items from bags, bandolier, blocking spells, quest journal. - Added a progression server instance for the Veehsan's Peak revamp, available when Gates of Discord unlocks. - The Cazic-Thule instance offered by the Agent of Change will now grant lockouts as intended. - The Praesertums in Sanctus Seru are now in the progression instance zone with Lord Inquisitor Seru. - - - The Agent of Change no longer requires the key. It still does a level check. - - - The Arx Key teleports you to the Lord Inquisitor Seru area in the base zone UNLESS you are in the progression instance or a pick zone for Sanctus Seru, in which case it will teleport you to the Lord Inquisitor Seru area in the zone you are in. - - - When players enter the progression instance, they will be near the relative location of the Agent of Change that sent them there, not the agent of Change that teleports players out (which is in the Lord Inquisitor Seru area) - The initial ranks of mercenary alternate advancement abilities can now be obtained with the release of Seeds of Destruction. - All adoptable heritage crate mounts now have text in the adopt effect description that state that Luclin must be unlocked in order to adopt the mount. - The sky and outdoor settings are now consistent between Luclin Agent of Change instances and base zones. This will allow for summoning a mount in the instance if it can be summoned in the base zone. - Ruins of Kunark must be unlocked in order to claim Kunark teleporter items. *** Miscellaneous *** - Performed significant upgrades to both the client and server to utilize more modern hardware and operating system features. - Added a warning message when starting the game on operating systems older than Windows 7: - - In the near future the game will be unable to run on such systems. - - Please refer to the minimum system requirements on our website. - Fixed an issue where characters that had previously changed race did not have their innate skills updated to the expected values. - Race Change Scrolls will no longer remove spells earned through items. - NPC names will be capitalized at the beginning of FLURRY or RAMPAGE messages. - Fixed a typo for a certain kind of purchase failure. - Corrected an issue where players on non-PVP servers were hitting a distance limit when /targeting another player. - Corrected an issue that could cause characters to fail to load into the Character Select screen. - Corrected several misspellings of Lxanvom. *** UI *** - The AA abilities window will now display descriptions for your current ability rank as well as the next rank available for purchase. - You can now toggle a border on the Task Overlay window. - Fixed an issue where quests were being removed from the Task Overlay window on logout. - Merchants that use alternate currencies will no longer try to purchase your coin items. - The Find Item Window now filters Equipped items and items in your Inventory as separate locations. - Corrected an issue where players were not being added to the guild window after zoning or logging in. - The bazaar and find item windows UI positioning has been adjusted. - Added focused mana cost, range, endurance cost, resist mod, and push information to the spell display window. - The guild window no longer counts players who are not displayed in each page's total, and the players per page setting is now saved. - Corrected an issue with the Reset button on the Find Item Window. - Changed - EQUI_AAWindow.xml EQUI_AVA_ItemSearchWnd.xml EQUI_BazaarSearchWnd.xml EQUI_FindItemWnd.xml EQUI_GuildManagementWnd.xml EQUI_TaskOverlayWnd.xml *** Previously Updated *** - Master Vule the Silent Tear - Master Vule will always leave a corpse when slain. - Corrected a problem that could cause the Cazic Thule zone to continually repop when a progression instance was active. - Cleric - All spells in the Holy Intervention Strike line are now Chromatic resists with a -10 modifier. Fixed several other inconsistencies with early ranks of these spells. - Necromancer - Fixed a problem that prevented Adalora's Shade and Reliving Assassin from spawning pets if you did not have a spell focus that affected them. - The EverQuest Team
  4. SSL enabled

    The site now has a SSL certificate. I know people were worried the government was going to take away your plat because of all the gross porn you are watching but rest assured you can safely browse the site now without your innernets being spied on. If you use chromium for a browser in linux, the certificate authority I am using isn't added to it so that's why you won't see a green padlock. Other browsers, chrome, firefox, opera and IE should all show a green padlock. Sometimes you'll see a yellow padlock on some stuff because people's magelos and such are sourcing their files from http://eq.magelo.com instead of https://eq.magelo.com and so forth with other remotely served images on people's profiles.
  5. Magelo is down

    If you are seeing the site trying to make a secure connection and it just hangs there for a bit, most likely you are looking at a post with someones magelo signature. Magelo is down right now so that's the cause.
  6. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    Good deal, glad to see the site running smooth.
  7. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    I just got done with the config and reoptimized the databases. Go ahead and try working on entering dkp again. I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens.
  8. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    Ok the site is running on a instance with 1 gig more memory. That should give us some room with needing memory. I'm currently converting all the forum tables over to innodb. After that I'll change the config to reflect that and get to work on the mysql server config.
  9. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    I've got to convert the forums database tables over to innodb and then configure some things in the mysql server config. Right now we're on a free instance of 1 gig of memory. We're using around 400MB just with the dkp site and forums with one user browsing the dkp site. But that's without the mysql server configured the way I want it. However, we may need a beefier instance. I'll look into it. But I'll work on this tomorrow. I got to get up in a few hours to take the kid to school and then I'll look into upgrading our instance up one.
  10. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    I see the errors in the logs. I'm looking into it. I think I know what maybe causing the issues. I still have quite a bit of configuring to do.
  11. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    If you are seeing this post, then the move is complete and your DNS has propagated to the new host.
  12. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    I moved my other site over earlier this morning and it only took a few hours for DNS to propagate for me and a majority of the people who visits the site. We should be good by tomorrow night.
  13. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    Reminder. I'll be taking the site offline tonight around midnight and moving it over to the new host. DNS may take about 24 to 48 hours to propagate but I got some tricks up my sleeve to help make that go through faster.
  14. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    I'll be moving the site over to the new host this coming Sunday morning.
  15. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    I'm working on this today. I have everything set up. I'm now uploading everything and setting up databases to make sure everything works like it should. Once everything checks out ok, I'll set a date to move over to the new host.