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    Greetings CoC Lovers! If it feels like it's been a while since I have done one of these, it's because it has been forever. LDoN has been long and brutal and we've lost some friends along the way because of it. But here we are at Gates of Discord with a strong raid force and new friends to punish another expansion with. Some updates: Wooz's truck flame decal business is really taking off. Val is starting to feel herself again. We've learned a lot about Ramasu's... enriched childhood. Cheo got a new PC or two. I am still a slave to earthly desires. Raeyne is still gross. Team Morning Wood is still destroying everything in sight. And our core raiders are holding down the fort. The officer meetup went well for some, not so well for others. Krok and I got busted for shoplifting hats. Bigpickle has settled nicely into his final form. Stoobid hasn't changed in the slightest. It's been a long, brutal expansion. A genuine thanks to everyone who stuck it out with us along the way.
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    Team Work is Dream Work! Welcome to the 7's Kiitana
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    We have gone retro! The realm of everquest has reverted to 8-bit and our characters have been...upgraded!
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    Pro tip: Never fall asleep during raid.
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    A few months back I discovered a monument that was OBVIOUSLY created to honour yours truly. Funny though, that even though this undying piece of art is done with great skill, the one who made it can't spell "Stoobid" properly! The first one to find this place and post a screenshot with him/herself in front of it will receive one Krono
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    Hello CoC lovers, Dogwizard here. For our expansion update I finally figured out how to take a selfie. To be fair, Callius taught me how. So props to him. The Clan Skallagrim reunion went off without a hitch! Ashlen and Blinky finally tied the knot! And shit got weird with Penny. Goodbye has really stepped up his game and is crushing the parses. Grephyn finally got a fucking headset. Kanamori is still sick of your fucking bullshit. The Senior Officer meeting went well. And lastly, did you know that if you google "Whitest Person in America" you get one of our very own? See you in LDoN! <3
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    Forward Scout Dogwizard has lead our crazed yet loyal leadership to the Lost Dungeons of Norath. They have returned with news of strategy and excitement. Get more drunk! Looking forward to another expansion, may the loot rain and pile to the sky. GO Cult of Chaos!
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    For those of you in Discord, you'll notice there is a bot hanging out on the server. This bot is tied into the forums here and is set to post topics from certain forums into certain channels there on the discord server. I've given it some colorful commentary on topics for certain forums but still have some forums to set up for it. I've also installed a widget here on the forums to show who all is logged into the server.
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    Had some questions about my setup lately - this is pretty much it. 3 laptops (one displaying on a monitor), 3 desktops, separate mice, keyboards, etc. Once I play beyond 2, I have keyboards/mice set up with assist and ability macros, for dps at least. It's not efficient at all, but it gets the job done when there are slim pickings for groups.
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    Ngreth mentioned in General the other day something that indicated experience rate would go from 'very low' to 'low'. Mepps, Senior Community Manager, responded to a question about this on the forums to indicate that at certain expansions, the EXP rate will increase somewhat, similar to experience rate increases that occurred periodically during these coming expansions. So... long story short - EXP will get slightly better during Gates of Discord! Yay!
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    Did some database optimization. I noticed the raid attendees table was getting big, 237,000+ records and was giving some 30 second timeouts on record lookups to it. Inserting records is probably having more trouble from the looks of the logs. Anyways, I optimized that table and then converted to innodb instead of myisam. We'll see how it handles before and during a raid when everyone is hitting it. I'll ssh into the server and watch how its handling the load. The site is on a shared server with hundreds (possibly thousands) of other customers. I can only use 25% cpu and memory but sql is a hog on resources. The larger the database tables get, the more processing power that is needed to process a sql query on them in a decent time. This is the same exact problem we are having on allakhazam with the forum posting database table which is the primary reason why the site locks up. That table alone is nearly 3 gigs in size and they never pruned it at all. All the allakhazam platform sites all use that same table to store their posts. Very bad design. I'm actually importing that table into my local dev machine right now. It will be pruned quite heavily. Anyways, In order to get more processing power, I would have to put our site on a VPS or dedicated server with more processing power. Either option is not cheap. VPS is around $80 a month and the cheapest dedicated is around $130 a month with my current host (hostgator). I can probably get cheaper some where else but I don't make the kind of money I used to or I would have gotten a dedicated server long ago. I'll keep an eye on it and see how it performs this week with the changes.
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    Thanks folks we got all the donations we needed. We're paid up until next year!
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    Thank you so very much that helps me so much!!! I shall take you up on that offer. I cannot say thank you enough for your excellent explanation!
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    Speaking of extremely talented guitarists.
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    HAM - Dead Whore A recording from 2014, but this band started in my garage back in 1988. BTW the singer is currently the minister of health in the Icelandic government. Yea.... we do things a bit differently here.
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    Callius looks like a camo-covered sausage construct with an assault rifle.
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    Meanwhile, in Reykjavik last night. Aurora Porn.
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    Mortality wanted to put out the word that he was giving some CoC out to the LGBT community. We have sent out this flyer for him! He claims he used to be a centaur. Looks like Xegony had a good time. Giving her plenty of CoC! Looks like Fennin Ro had a BBQ line going! Gathering up to so we can crash to South Qeynos and kill Trakanon to be the first on the server! Plane of Time Pimp dead. QUARM! QUARM GAVE US SOME HEAD(s)!
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    The series I mentioned in chat discussion was "The Incarnations of Immortality" by Piers Anthony. About the supernatural offices of Death, Time, War, Nature, Fate, etc. that were maintained by mortals filling the roles, in a world where science and magic co-existed, and the major incarnations listed above deal with Satan trying to get an imbalance of power over them as they take over the office for a period of time. First book: "On a Pale Horse" - Death - details the change in the Incarnation of Death, and the man who becomes the new Grim Reaper. Second book: "Bearing an Hourglass" - Time - Third book: "With a Tangled Skein" - Fate - Fourth book: "Wielding a Red Sword" - War - Fifth book: "Being a Green Mother" - Nature - It was later expanded to 7, and then 8 books, adding in Evil, Good, and Night.