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    After losing a few highly geared and skilled peeps going into SoD, things could have looked bleak for the Cult. We could have easily bowed out like the many other guilds before on Phinigel. But, with the addition of new friends and the leadership of our new Raid Leader, Keval, we have come out of the losses prior to SoD stronger than ever. The Cult emerged victorious tonight once again versus the Tower of Discord and completed Seeds of Destruction. We're now looking forward to the trials and tribulations of Underfoot and all the pain and suffering Phinigel will face in the future soon (TM). Chaos > Discord!
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    We found a shiny dragon. We killed a shiny dragon. Ash is disappointed. Not quite sure how Kerafrym would fit in a pokeball though, he's too big for our Warriors to taunt even in their nifty steamsuits! PS - Fuck that Burynai illusion Vral. Stupid noisy little fuck. From the magic of Ythera's paint skills:
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    We ventured into Ashengate for a tea party. Lethar was friendly enough, so we dunked our teabags! Much loots and happiness were had! Ashengate East/West/North downed! TSS complete! Congrats peeps and great work!!
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    With the launch of TSS came many fun times, along with many grind times. Thanks to a nice issue with a particular named spawning in Direwind, most guilds were locked out of doing Frostcrypt raids. We managed to grind out the kills and let our CoC explore new, and icy, lands! We found some giants, which we prompty murdercated beccause reasons (that and they drop loot). Frostcrypt Complete!
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    We have met our goal and beyond folks, thanks for all the donations!
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    We came, we killed it. Grats everyone on a fast finish to TBS! Here's a picture of Stehlik, looking smug with his tricked out ring: Dukat seemed kinda happy:
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    I added a dev tracker as a block on the right side of the forums. It will keep track of the last 5 dev posts. Clicking on each one will take you to the post on the eq forums.
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    Someone on the forums posted that they killed an Underfoot boss on live and it dropped the extra items, so it just got omitted.
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    It's a memory issue. From what I am seeing it's because you are entering raids right as the site is renewing its cache for raids so a ton of memory is used all at once, causing the mysql server to go out of memory and restart which causes the site to not be accessible until the restart is complete. The cache is currently set to 86400 seconds from creation to when it refreshes. I had it set at one point to where it would divide up the raid recache over a period of time early in the morning but that got reset at some point to where it does all raids at one time. In the cache management you can manually clear each individual cache entry or you can do just what is expired or you can globally clear all cache entries (bad!). Clearing all cache entries at once forces the site to run a cache renew on everything and it runs out of memory every time. Then 86400 seconds later it does the same thing, out of memory and so forth. The raid caching is what is mainly causing it to run out of memory because there are so many entries and data behind it. I'll just consolidate more expansions and this should clear up.
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    This will be interesting to see Hope it helps; and more so, hope it does not break guilds.
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    It used to be set up to where the forums user table was linked to the dkp user table. There were some issues with accounts when they were created so I turned that off. I just set your account on the dkp site to applicant permissions so you have access now.
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    Installed new theme Chameleon. To check it out, scroll down to the bottom of the forums and click on the Theme link and select it. I've also been messing around with building my own theme. I can make all sorts of color combinations of the IPB theme, which is another theme if you want to check it out. I can change the colors of lots of things so if you got some ideas on what colors you would like to see in a theme, post away. With these paid themes I tried to cover the dark theme (default), IPB (bright) and Chameleon which is in between dark and light. I actually purchased another cool looking theme but it turns out it was for the 4.0 version and we're running 4.1 and it throws an error message at the top of the screen when using it because it needs to be updated. One of these days when I learn more about themes, I'll see about updating it myself.
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    I'll be working on this today. I forgot to mention with the consolidation tool, once we consolidate a particular event, it deletes all the raids up underneath it, no archiving. It adds up all the dkp points for people in those raids and adds an adjustment for it. I'd like to delete characters who haven't raided in a year or more and then consolidate raids. I went back a year and pulled up all the characters who haven't raided on and before a year ago. Let me know if you approve of this list. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QsGfd1jmRjL_vcaYnFU6hSRKgWrTlVIjda6H_sPA1a8/edit?usp=sharing
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    August 7, 2018 _____________________ *** Items *** - Looting more than one item in a stack will now display the quantity. - Lore is now enforced in the item recovery system when gaining new items. Receiving an item while another in the same lore group exists in the recover tab will result in the previously destroyed item being removed from this tab and becoming unrecoverable. - Did a full sweep on items for item names and lore descriptions that didn't follow convention. Updated recipe name and spell name as well, where necessary. Fixed a number of typos in the process. - Fixed an issue that prevented Kapok Leaves from dropping on specific servers. - Fixed the name of many 'Bow Staff' items to use 'Bo Staff' instead. - Fixed the texture for a rock graphic that was incorrectly displaying as music notes. How's that for rock music? - Incarnadine Legplates now accept plate and chain Hero's Forge ornaments. *** Quests And Events *** - Corrected an issue where certain instances were missing a zone name. *** Spells *** - Mercenaries will now correctly report how much they've healed you. - Fixed a bug with /outputfile missingspells that prevented spells with no base mana cost from being displayed. - Ring of Scale Raids - Changed the visual of the hero's chest to help differentiate it from the chest that contains statted raid rewards. Changed name to a hero's satchel. - Drusella's Vault and The Sathir Line - Fixed mechanics that were intended to make the raids become more difficult after too much time had elapsed. - Drusella's Vault - Fixed a bug that could cause the event to start when there were no players in the zone. - The Sathir Line - Adjusted Drusella's pathing when chasing a target to be more predictable. - Hatchery Wing: Hatching a Plan - This zone now offers reduced experience and the inhabitants will no longer drop global loot. - Summoner Ring event in Kod'Taz (raid) - Made the following changes to the event. - - The Stoneservant golems should reliably spawn in the circle without falling under the world. For reals this time. - - The Stoneservant golems that don't drop Grand Summoner's Glyph items no longer leave a corpse or drop loot. - - The Stoneservant golems are now body type Construct instead of Humanoid. - Veeshan's Peak Access - Reduced the respawn time and added a respawn variance to the Swamp of No Hope and Kaesora Veeshan's Peak medallion pieces. - Innoruuk's Curse - Made the following changes to Marl Kastane: - - When given the Note to Marl, Marl will no longer despawn and respawn as a new version of himself with fewer dialogues and an inability to receive the Note to Marl again. - - When given the Blood of Kyrenna, Marl will no longer despawn. - - Reduced the respawn time and initial spawn delay of Marl. *** AA *** - All - Banestrike can now be triggered by damage-over-time and target's-target spells. It will no longer play an animation, particles, or sound effects when activating. - All - Made the following changes to Glyph abilities: - - All Glyph abilities now persist through death. - - All Glyph abilities now have 4 ranks which are available for levels 65-69, 70-84, 85-99, and 100+. - - Increased the cost of Glyphs to better reflect the intended time investment for each level range. - - Once you exceed the level range to active a Glyph ability, purchasing it will cause that rank to disappear and reveal the next available rank of the ability for purchase. - - There is no longer a differentiation between a Glyph ability granted by consuming a loyalty item and the same ability purchased normally. - - Consolidated the various Glyph abilities into the following 4 lines: - - - Glyph of Dragon Scales - Increases your base health, mana, endurance, mitigation, avoidance, and protects against spell and melee damage for 5 minutes. - - - Glyph of Arcane Secrets - Reduces the mana cost of all spells for 10 minutes. - - - Glyph of Destruction - Increases the chance your spells with apply critically, increases the damage of your critical spells, increases the chance you and your pet will deal critical melee damage, and increases the damage of your and your pet's critical melee attacks for 2 minutes. - - - Glyph of Angry Thoughts - Increases the hatred generated by your spells and combat abilities for 10 minutes. - - Adjusted the stacking of Glyph of Dragon Scales to prevent conflicts with other buffs. - - Adjusted the stacking of Glyph of Destruction and Intensity of the Resolute to prevent conflicts with other buffs. - - - Intensity of the Resolute and Glyph of Destruction should only conflict with one another and not any other ability. - Multiple - Gravitate and Fling abilities have been changed to work on targets up to 3 levels above the caster (up from 1 level below the caster), this includes Bard's Lure of the Siren's Song, Enchanter's Rune of Banishment, Monk's Moving Mountains, Paladin's Divine Call, Shadowknight's Hate's Attraction, and Warrior's Warlord's Grasp. - - Rare creatures and raid bosses are now globally immune to gravitate and fling effects. - Multiple - Hold the Line has been changed into a passive ability called Improved Recovery that increases incoming healing by 2% per rank and is now available to rogues in addition to berserkers, monks, and warriors. One additional rank has been added to the ability line. - Wizard - The buffs triggered from ranks 21-24 of Call of Xuzl (Gift of Arcana, Gift of Fire, and Gift of Ice) will now persist until they focus their intended element or fade to duration, rather than dissipating after a single cast. Slightly increased the likelihood that Gift of Ice or Gift of Arcana will be triggered. - Bard - Modulation Effects (beneficial spells that instantly reduce HP and restore mana) now function for bards. - Bard - Increased the base reuse time of Dissonant Chord to 9 minutes, added 4 additional ranks that reduce the reuse time and increased the max NPC level of the ability. Increased the duration of the ability from 6 to 12 seconds. - Bard - Adjusted Fierce Eye to reduce stacking conflicts with other buffs. - Beastlord - Added two additional ranks to Frenzied Swipes. - Cleric - Adjusted ranks 30-36 of Turn Undead to resolve some issues that were introduced when Smite the Wicked was previously consolidated into this line. - Druid - Increased the duration of Spirit of the Bear and fixed several stacking conflicts with other buffs. - Druid - Increased the duration and mana cost of Protection of Direwood and fixed several stacking conflicts with other buffs. - Druid - Increased the initial number of hits Wrath of the Wild lasts from 1 to 5, then up to 10 at the highest rank. - Druid - Changed Preincarnation to trigger the highest rank spell version that you have scribed. Rank 2 now extends the duration of your Preincarnation spells by 30 minutes. - Druid - Changed Blessing of Ro to cast the highest known spell in the Grasp of Ro line that you have scribed depending on rank. - Druid - Changed Vortex of Ro to cast the highest known spell in the Pillar of Ro line that you have scribed depending on rank. - Druid - Changed Spirit of Eagles to cast the highest rank spell version that you have scribed. - Enchanter - Adjusted Illusions of Grandeur to reduce stacking conflicts with other buffs. - Magician - Malosinete and Wind of Malosinete have been renamed Malaise / Wind of Malaise and will now trigger the highest known spell in the Malaise spell line that you have scribed depending on rank. An additional rank has been added for level 106. - Monk - The ability line Vehement Rage is now available to monks. - Monk - Fixed a bug where rank 1 of Ton Po's Stance had a reuse time of 10 minutes instead of the intended 15 minutes. - Paladin - Added endurance restoration to all three ranks of Marr's Gift. - Paladin - Activating Lay on Hands on an unfriendly target will now direct the heal to that target's target. Ranks 31+ of Lay on Hands now have a 100% chance to heal critically. - Paladin - Gift of Life has been changed to an area-effect heal and is now on timer 38 so it can be activated independently of Lay on Lands. Adjusted the healing values. Ranks 4+ now have a 100% chance to heal critically. - Paladin - Added the ability line Hastened Undivided Affirmation. - Paladin - Adjusted the hate-override value of Tunare's Grace and Blessing of Tunare. - Ranger - Adjusted the Flaming Arrows, Frost Arrows, and Poison Arrows ability lines to have a permanent duration. These abilities now consume mana when successfully triggering rather than constantly draining mana while the buff is active. The triggered effects from these buffs will no longer break root. - Ranger - Consolidated Scout's Mastery of Fire and Scout's Mastery of Ice into a single passive ability line, Wrath of the Forest Stalker, which increases the damage done by fire, ice, and magic spells and abilities. - Ranger - Added 4 additional ranks to Scout's Mastery of the Elements starting at level 80. - Ranger - Changed Spirit of Eagles to cast the highest rank spell version that you have scribed. - Ranger - Fixed a bug where the trigger chance for ranks 1-4 of Headshot were not consistent with ranks 5-31. - Shadowknight - Ranks 38+ of Harm Touch and ranks 37+ of Leech Touch now have a 100% chance to deal critical damage. - Shadowknight - Capped the potential mana and endurance return of Thought Leech at 150% of the initial return percentage of the base damage. - Shadowknight - Mindless Hatred has been changed to rank 1 of a new ability line Hastened Undivided Acrimony. - Shaman - Malosinete and Wind of Malosinete have been renamed Malaise / Wind of Malaise and will now trigger the highest known spell in the Malaise spell line that you have scribed depending on rank. The Pathosis component has been changed to trigger the highest known spell in the Putrid Decay spell line that you have scribed depending on rank. Additional ranks have been added for levels 106 and 107. - Shaman - Consolidated Spirit Walk and Group Spirit Walk into a single line named Lupine Spirit, which will now cast Spirit of Wolf, Spirit of Bih`Li, or Spirit of Tala'Tak on your target's group based on rank. - Shaman - Turgur's Swarm now triggers the standard spell form of Turgur's Insects in addition to Turgur's Diminishment. - Shaman - Consolidated Crippling Apparition, Crippling Spirit, and Tigir's Insect Swarm into a single line, Turgur's Virulent Swarm. This ability triggers the standard spell form of Turgur's Insects in addition to Turgur's Diminishment on multiple creatures around your target. - Shaman - Changed Preincarnation to trigger the highest rank spell version that you have scribed. Rank 2 now extends the duration of your Preincarnation spells by 30 minutes. - Shaman - Activating Pact of the Wolf now triggers an aura that buffs your group with Group Pact of the Wolf. Increased the health and mana offered by the self and group buffs and added a maximum endurance component. - Shaman - Group Pact of the Wolf has been replaced with a new ability line, Soothsayer's Intervention, which will trigger the highest rank spell you have scribed from the Ancestral Intervention line. - Warrior - Removed the hatelist-override component of Warlord's Grasp. - Warrior - Renamed Hastened Unbroken Attention to Hastened Undivided Attention and added 2 additional ranks to the ability. *** NPCs *** - Drachnids across Norrath, celebrate by shaking your spinnerets! In classic zones, drachnids have reverted to their classic appearance. - Rare creatures and raid bosses are now globally immune to gravitate and fling effects. *** Progression Servers *** - The research recipe to create Remove Greater Curse now requires The Serpent's Spine. - The Artisan Essence for the level 7 tradeskill trophies will now combine when Prophecy of Ro is open. - Quartermaster Grik will be available pre Gates of Discord. He will not be a tribute master until Gates of Discord. - Consigned items in the marketplace are available once Kunark unlocks. The maximum level of items you receive should no longer exceed the current level cap. - Froglok Monk NPCs will no longer appear in the Rathe Mountains until Call of the Forsaken has been activated on that server. - Wood Elf Beastlord NPCs will no longer appear in Greater Faydark until Call of the Forsaken has been activated on that server. *** Miscellaneous *** - Fixed an issue where NPCs would not consistently attribute proper hate for casters of beneficial spells that have hate override values. - - Ex: The healing component of the Paladin spell Valiant Defense will now generate the intended amount of hatred. - Berserker - Removed the push from the additional attacks that occur when activating the Frenzy skill. The push generated from the initial attack is unchanged. - Monk - Removed the push from the additional attacks that occur when the AA ability Technique of Master Wu is applied to skill attacks. The push generated from the initial attack is unchanged. - Bash attacks that do not deal damage and do not stun the target will no longer have an 80% chance to interrupt the target's spell casting. - Made the following changes to root spells: - - Reduced the likelihood that direct-damage spells will break root on a target. - - The chance for direct-damage spells to break root is now further reduced if you are a higher level than your target. - - Archery and throwing attacks now have a small chance to break root. - - Hitting yourself with a direct-damage spell will no longer roll a chance to break root/snare. - Fixed a client crash issue when trying to login to a zone that isn't running from character select. - Corrected some Out of Combat timer inaccuracies. - Changing your volume while in range of a sound will no longer cause the volume to jump unexpectedly. - Fixed a bug where social animations were not properly checking if they could run by default. - Re-enabled voice chat. - Traps will now scale accordingly in Heroic Adventures. - Made pathing improvements within some of the buildings in the Ring of Scale Overthere zone. - Updated the pathing in Crescent Reach to coincide with some minor geometry changes to the zone. *** UI *** - Removed the message "You haven't recovered yet..." when attempting to cast a spell before recast timers have completed. - Added new chat filters for heals, damage over time spells, direct damage spells, and songs. - Archery damage is now reported as shots instead of hits, and double bow shots are indicated at the end of the same line. - Made the message on deleting trial heroic characters more clear. - Raid invites will now properly send to players who are zoning. - The ESC to Close option on the in-game Marketplace window now functions correctly. - Changed - EQUI_MarketplaceWnd.xml EQUI_PurchaseWnd.xml - The EverQuest Team
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    PoR complete! We didn't proceed as fast as we wanted to in PoR due to logistics and the ability of guilds to block each other, but Deathknell has fallen! Parts of the server working together was a pretty big achievement and was pretty interesting to see happen in real time. Grats to those that finished ahead of us! We look forward to how the race shapes up in TSS - coming soon (tm)! The bells have stopped... finally.
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    Kanamori has been farming Mayong so long that it's starting to bleed over to other games. Kana at least has some help in his madness. Coming soon (tm): PoR with more added Mayong.
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    I no longer see the changes to underfoot listed.