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    https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/hotfix-notes-january-30-2018.246838/ vule fixed!
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    I just got done with the config and reoptimized the databases. Go ahead and try working on entering dkp again. I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens.
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    Yeah Byrd set up the laptop... I should be on later tonight!
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    The site now has a SSL certificate. I know people were worried the government was going to take away your plat because of all the gross porn you are watching but rest assured you can safely browse the site now without your innernets being spied on. If you use chromium for a browser in linux, the certificate authority I am using isn't added to it so that's why you won't see a green padlock. Other browsers, chrome, firefox, opera and IE should all show a green padlock. Sometimes you'll see a yellow padlock on some stuff because people's magelos and such are sourcing their files from http://eq.magelo.com instead of https://eq.magelo.com and so forth with other remotely served images on people's profiles.
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    Surprise Mortals! The CoC maintained it's rankings on Phinny Progress in Depths of Darkhollow by one-shotting Mayong Mistmoore on 02/03/2018. Mayong proved to be a strong opponent, but our CoC was heftier. Our Cleric team laid their CoC on the table by starting a CH chain on the fly with no previous plans for it when the fight took longer than hoped for. Our Bard team was busy playing with their CoC in one hand and their bane weapon in another hand (and while singing some stupid Britney Spears song). Our Shaman team carried our CoC onboard BearForceOne. Our Paladins and Shadow Knights learned their new EQ fate by running around in circles with their CoC flapping in the wind. Our Rogue team poked Mayong from behind, because who doesn't like some surprise CoC. Our Warrior team taunted Mayong with their CoC. Our Ranger team hit their trueshot and unloaded their CoC. Our Beastlord team (ok, that one dude) was doing something with their CoC, and we're not sure we want to ask what it was, but we did feel our mana reserves climbing a bit later. Mayong looked a bit apprehensive about the whole affair. Our Necro team splurtted their CoC all over Mayong. Our Enchanter team was the unsung heroes by keeping the bats off guard with their stunning CoC. Our Magician team spent time educating the elements of the power of CoC and sent Jebber in to kick Mayong in the junk. Our Druid team was out flashing their CoC and lady CoC in the forest while darting in and out to heal our Warriors. Our Berserker team charged Mayong, nude like the Vikings of old with their CoC dragging behind them. I guess a Monk might have been there, it was uncertain with all the CoC massed around Mayong. Our Wizards use the power of the CoC to AETL us out of Mayong's room when the carnage was over and the CoC was successful. It was a great night for sure! Jorious died the good fight by being a bat sacrifice - I guess he's thinking he's Batman now. Bode was Bo-de-gas and Mortality (Pottz) was Puttz as always. Welcome back home to our old and new friends from TMO! Congrats everyone on a hard fought and well designed plan of attack. We managed to lose few peeps during the fight, which was pretty amazing seeing that the hallway boss prior to Mayong's room managed to kill more of us than Mayong himself. Congrats Jackoze, Xhann, and Kanamori for our guild's first Epic 2.5's! And screw spiders, because who the hell likes spiders. Insert picture here cause I'm lame and didn't take one.
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    Added a couple more RSS Feeds off the official EQ forums. One for the game update notes forum and one for the test forums. Anytime they make a new post in either of those forums it will auto make a topic for them on our forums in the news section.
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    Good deal, glad to see the site running smooth.
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    The system is much more responsive and I have to say you did a great job on that Ptah! Thank you!
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    Thanks a lot Ptah! I appreciate everything you do for the guild here on the back end!
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    I see the errors in the logs. I'm looking into it. I think I know what maybe causing the issues. I still have quite a bit of configuring to do.
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    If you are seeing this post, then the move is complete and your DNS has propagated to the new host.