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    PoR complete! We didn't proceed as fast as we wanted to in PoR due to logistics and the ability of guilds to block each other, but Deathknell has fallen! Parts of the server working together was a pretty big achievement and was pretty interesting to see happen in real time. Grats to those that finished ahead of us! We look forward to how the race shapes up in TSS - coming soon (tm)! The bells have stopped... finally.
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    Thanks folks for all the donations. I paid the last $50 and got us a license. We're paid up on it until September 27, 2018 when all we owe is $40 for another 6 months of support, software upgrades and all that good stuff.
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    That is pretty much exactly what I look like...
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    I'll add a new column for the mount tables we have on this wiki. Edit: Wiki page edited to show velocities now and added a couple of the mounts you Posted Brekis. I'll need to know which particular DB coin mounts you are referring to. The problem with velocity is, once you own a fast mount, it converts all your mounts to fast mounts so it's hard to get an accurate reading on this unless the person has never owned any mounts before.