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    https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/hotfix-notes-january-30-2018.246838/ vule fixed!
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    I just got done with the config and reoptimized the databases. Go ahead and try working on entering dkp again. I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens.
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    The site now has a SSL certificate. I know people were worried the government was going to take away your plat because of all the gross porn you are watching but rest assured you can safely browse the site now without your innernets being spied on. If you use chromium for a browser in linux, the certificate authority I am using isn't added to it so that's why you won't see a green padlock. Other browsers, chrome, firefox, opera and IE should all show a green padlock. Sometimes you'll see a yellow padlock on some stuff because people's magelos and such are sourcing their files from http://eq.magelo.com instead of https://eq.magelo.com and so forth with other remotely served images on people's profiles.
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    Good deal, glad to see the site running smooth.
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    The system is much more responsive and I have to say you did a great job on that Ptah! Thank you!
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    Thanks a lot Ptah! I appreciate everything you do for the guild here on the back end!
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    I see the errors in the logs. I'm looking into it. I think I know what maybe causing the issues. I still have quite a bit of configuring to do.
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    If you are seeing this post, then the move is complete and your DNS has propagated to the new host.
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    I'm working on this today. I have everything set up. I'm now uploading everything and setting up databases to make sure everything works like it should. Once everything checks out ok, I'll set a date to move over to the new host.
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    Cult of Chaos Phinigel’s Premier Fixed-Schedule Raiding Guild Do you know how to EQ? If your answer is, “Yes! And damn well, at that!” then read on: Are you in search of a guild that wins end-game content, functions as a team, and treats its members as individuals? Do you like to have fun while kicking ass and taking names? In CoC, you’re not just one of the crowd. Our members are our lifeblood, and we succeed because of the skill, enthusiasm, and dedication that each one of us brings to the table. We are currently looking for a handful of new members to join our ranks, and if you believe you would make an excellent addition to our team, we want to see your application! Basic Information on the Cult: Server Rank: 4 Loot System: DKP. Blind Bidding. Attendance Tiered. Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 8PM to Midnight EST. Unofficial Raids as we can. Currently, Friday mornings and Saturday evenings. These are to help equip our members, but are not counted for attendance or DKP. VoIP: Discord What we expect of applicants: Level 70, with buffer 250 AAs minimum (more is better!) High raid attendance (90% plus is the ideal) Dedication and a team mentality Decent gear that shows you’ve put in some effort. Magelo or a raidloot.com account is required. Spells and Discs minus ancients up to level 65 Completed epic (1.0) if it remains useful in raid and group scenarios Class Reagents: While the guild will assist in paying for / reimbursing as needed, please be sure you have the appropriate reagents for your class. Example: emeralds for Clerics, peridots for Enchanters, pearls for Magicians, coffins for Necromancers and Shadow Knights, and EEs for Necromancers. Potions: Celestial Healing, Invisibility, Gate (for melee), Greater Null, Levitate, Shrink, Spiritualism Discord is mandatory during raids. You must be able to hear the raid commands and react at a second’s notice. We don’t have time to type out directions. Use of a headset while in Discord, along with the “Press to talk” functionality. Follow instructions without complaint. Be a Viking. If someone trains you, fight back. Don’t be an asshole. If we are competing for zone resources, do not taunt competing guilds. Try to remember it’s not personal. Download and learn how to use Gina. We are quickly moving to the point where Gina will be required on all raids. What we DON'T expect of applicants: To be glued to a batphone 24/7 To miss your kid’s, niece or nephew’s, husband or wife’s, etc, birthday party. Go. Have fun. Take pictures, we’d love to see! What you can expect from us: Consistent contact throughout your trial. Aliari (recruitment officer), other officers, as well as a member within your class. Our goal is to answer questions, supply information, and act as mentors. We want you to succeed. Strong leadership, in and out of raids. Solid organization skills. We get things done, and we do it well. Parse inspections at every raid. This allows us to see where we can improve, who might need additional coaching, and who is kicking ass. An extremely transparent DKP system. Put in the time and effort, and you will be rewarded. During your trial, you will earn DKP from raid attendance just as everyone else does, and are able to bid on items using the same rules as our casual raiders. Responsibility to our members. We’re in this together, and while EverQuest IS a game, it’s also more than that. We are a community. The Application Process: Step One: The Application Register and then fill out the application located at http://cultofchaos.com/forms/2-guild-application/ Create/Update a Magelo or Raidloot.com account and fill in your details and gear. Answer all questions honestly and thoughtfully. Take this seriously if you want us to take you seriously. Step Two: The Interview Assuming your application interests us, we will interview you in game or in Discord. Basic questions will be asked, including situational awareness, class knowledge, raid experience, typical playstyle, and what you are looking for in a guild. We will also be interested in who you are as a person and attempting to get a feel for your personality. Step Three: The Trial After the above steps have been completed, if we feel there is a strong likelihood of a match between us, you will be tagged at the rank of Applicant. Our trial lasts no more than 30 days, but in some cases, will end sooner. Throughout your trial, you will attend raids and group with our members, and just as you will be deciding how well Cult of Chaos fits your EQ life, we—leadership and members—will be doing the same with you. Personal judgements on your abilities, personality, willingness to learn, etc., will determine whether you should become a full member after the trial period ends. How can you make your trial successful? Ask questions if you have any confusion. Know how your class should function at a raid and step up to bat. Monks will pull. Clerics will chain. Warriors and knights will tank. We are looking for active players who can make a real contribution to our raid force. If you passively stand by while the rest of your class does the work, it WILL be noticed.