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    • After losing a few highly geared and skilled peeps going into SoD, things could have looked bleak for the Cult.  We could have easily bowed out like the many other guilds before on Phinigel.  But, with the addition of new friends and the leadership of our new Raid Leader, Keval, we have come out of the losses prior to SoD stronger than ever.  The Cult emerged victorious tonight once again versus the Tower of Discord and completed Seeds of Destruction.  We're now looking forward to the trials and tribulations of Underfoot and all the pain and suffering Phinigel will face in the future soon (TM).


      Chaos > Discord!



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    • We found a shiny dragon.  We killed a shiny dragon.  Ash is disappointed.  Not quite sure how Kerafrym would fit in a pokeball though, he's too big for our Warriors to taunt even in their nifty steamsuits!







      PS - Fuck that Burynai illusion Vral.  Stupid noisy little fuck.





      From the magic of Ythera's paint skills:



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      We came, we killed it.  Grats everyone on a fast finish to TBS!






      Here's a picture of Stehlik, looking smug with his tricked out ring:





      Dukat seemed kinda happy:



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    • We ventured into Ashengate for a tea party.  Lethar was friendly enough, so we dunked our teabags!  Much loots and happiness were had!


      Ashengate East/West/North downed!  TSS complete!





      Congrats peeps and great work!!


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    • With the launch of TSS came many fun times, along with many grind times.  Thanks to a nice issue with a particular named spawning in Direwind, most guilds were locked out of doing Frostcrypt raids.  We managed to grind out the kills and let our CoC explore new, and icy, lands!  We found some giants, which we prompty murdercated beccause reasons (that and they drop loot).


      Frostcrypt Complete!


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    • PoR complete!  We didn't proceed as fast as we wanted to in PoR due to logistics and the ability of guilds to block each other, but Deathknell has fallen!  Parts of the server working together was a pretty big achievement and was pretty interesting to see happen in real time.  Grats to those that finished ahead of us!  We look forward to how the race shapes up in TSS - coming soon (tm)!





      The bells have stopped... finally.






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