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When ARRRRGH ?!!?!

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OK.... when do we get to say Arrrr Matey and Arr! Arr!Arr! and have pirate hats and parrots!

That's right - cool ship to ship battles with , like, pandas swinging of the yarzen mast to to the enemy bingleswug deck !

And cannons! And cool swordfights against, like, enemy mino-taurd first maties!

And cool hats...definitely cool hats!




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Pandas bad at tipe and spull

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Did you ever play ArcheAge Pandie? Sounds very similar to what you described in your original post. Had both ship pvp battles where you could steal the other factions loot and ship PvE where you could kill huge Kracken bosses for awesome loot. I had a ton of fun in that MMO before they made it super pay to win :\

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