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I'm not sure many of you know what kind of people who run this guild, let me tell you.

Back on Sept 1, 2016, both my husband and I was involved in a horrible accident. Which resulted in the death of my best friend, my hero and Knight in Shining Armour,  my loving husband of 44yrs, Danny Ryan. I was trapped and it  took 1.5hrs to cut me out of the semi, and was rushed to the nearest trauma hospital, Nebraska Med Center Omaha Ne. I received 2 broken legs (both Tibia and Fibia) , 100 stitches in my head and a torn rotary cuff. I had 3 surgeries on my legs and to this date, I'm still learning to walk again (doing good on it too) and live in a rehab center in Minnesota....though interesting what does that to do with the guild, you may ask. Let e explain below.

Well, these wonderful people who you play this game with, upon hearing about what happened, got to work. Unbeknownst to me, mind you.

Started a fund drive, with  Ashlen and Blinky at the helm (correct me if I am wrong). Ashlen called me the 3rd day I was in the hospital and upon my approval,gave the guild progress reports.  I had so many that  called to find out how I was doing, and gave much needed moral support (want a lollipop little girl). This wonderful guild you know as CoC, gathered 3100.00, while I still was in the hospital (in Omaha, NE) and I was on my little tablet on TS, they sprung the news on me, while they where all on and about to go to raid,...Though I was drugged up, (as you imagine) I misheard the amount...I thought they said 31,000.00. I was like beside myself, but Ashlen said Val its 3100.00, all I could think was, they did this for me?! I was taken aback, shocked and very much surprised, and felt loved.  As if they came through the internet and gave me a big hug, I so desperately needed!

 Morningwood crew got together and planned out grouped up to see what they could do, well with Poppyseed at the lead.  They decided to get me my little laptop, thanks to Solitarie for picking it out. They just had it mailed and said not a word, they wanted it to be a surprise...which I was to be sure!

What can a person say when this is done for them? Thank you seemed so little.

So you ask why mention it now?

Well I finally received my life insurance, but had it not been for the money they donated to  me, I would have lost my home. I cannot say Thank you enough!

So you see these are not just guildmates, they are my guardian angels, and I am humbled and proud to call my friends. I love you and Thank you for your kind gestures. I am forever grateful.



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/hug Valerderea

I'm so glad you got to keep your home and glad you are financially stable. You'll literally be back on your feet in no time with your therapy. Keep your head up and stay strong, we're here for you! :)

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I wasn't in the guild at the time that this happened, but I do live in Omaha and have for my entire life.  My wife works off 60th street and I-80, she had seen the aftermath driving home from work.  We don't see that type of accident very often in NE.  I never would have thought that months later I would be raiding in Everquest, an 18 year old MMO with one of the persons involved.  I am very fortunate to have met you Val and look forward to becoming as much a part of the guild as you are.






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