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    Fixed the insecure remote images issue. You should be seeing a green padlock regardless if remote images are served now. They are now downloaded by the forums and served locally.
  4. Test Patch 2-14-2018

  5. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    I’m ready to blow some dbc and buy some bags.
  6. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    Yea, hate/ext target are straight power boosts that change a lot of actual gameplay. So I highly doubt they would unlock them sooner for us, unfortunately.
  7. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    someone on the forums said a dev said that the extended target window and agro meter were not considered QoL items and aren't being added with the other stuff, not sure if that is old or new info since he didn't link to a source though I believe that is true based on what they have mentioned previously in the numerous threads about people wanting click from bags added.
  8. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    Oh well, thats fine then. Hyped for this patch, lots of QOL increases.
  9. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    Pretty sure that refers to the RoS version of the sledgemallet. It was accidentally set as a charm.
  10. Coirnav Progression Server - Coming March 16, 2018!

    aye i need to grind again with shit gear and dps in lguk again for days on end! i think not
  11. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    You are now unable to join another instance of a shared task that you leave prior to its completion until that first shared task comes to a close. Affects some guilds that were swapping people between tasks during splits i guess ?
  12. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    You all missed the most critical issue with the patch: - Worker Sledgemallet is now restricted to non-casters and classes that can use 2 handed weapons and can be equipped in the primary slot. BOOOOOO Serious note, amazing patch otherwise
  13. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    It's one thing to not be a DPS class and another to be completely unviable on doing DPS if your primary skill isn't needed right that minute. I wasn't kidding that an SK pet was out parsing me going full out on DPS starting at around Level 80 or so. Shaman and Druid DPS were complete and utter garbage.
  14. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    I was recently reading some posts saying that druids could (short term) top the dps meters on burns which apparently is rather mana intensive but stupid for a priest class IMO so I am not surprised they were nerfed one bit
  15. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    Xoner said his druid's avg dps was nerfed around 50% between live and test... I would really love to see the aggro meter come into play but I won't get my hopes up. Emp and VT mobs tethering though kinda makes me laugh, no free lunch on agnar rofl!
  16. vanilla - pop again... As much as I enjoy swift kicks in the balls as a mage... motm + potm /nope
  17. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    I'm wondering just how bad those DoTs will be. I don't really like that they're preemptively nerfing Level 71+ spells when the real issue is at Level 100+. Especially since there's been no presence at Level 71-Level 100 characters since the first changes to DoTs, let alone these nerfs for Druids and Shaman. I get they don't want us to be DPS, but we were really in a bad state where even SK pets were out DPSing us solo from about Level 80+.
  18. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    Druid and shaman dots got nerfed, but only for future expansions, so our guildies are safe for now.
  19. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    Those are two i'm sure they left out on purpose. Both add some serious power, not just convenience factor. Other huge things! - Nerfed deleting/reclaiming multiple lore items Fixed Emp and VT mobs being pulled away from their rooms Fixed guild window VP 2.0 AoC Praesetorium in the AoC instance Made Doorman and other quest NPCs non-combat Great patch overall, really glad to see some positive changed being made! Here's to hoping the next patch notes include all the PoR instances being made..
  20. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    I'm really curious to see what other UI elements get unlocked that they didn't mention. I'd love to get the extended target window but I feel like that one thing is a large part of the reason that they said "many" instead of "all". It would be nice to get the aggro meter just to help people know when they are about to pull aggro so they can either dump it or back off a bit.
  21. Test Patch 2-14-2018

    Good stuff here: click into dpob from picks, block spells, and click from bag.
  22. Lol I was expecting a new server like that to be released right around when ldon unlocked on agnarr, I guess it will be a ghost town long before then - R.I.P Agnar!
  23. Phinny clone for all the Agnarr peeps to hop to when they go insane from doing LDON raids.
  24. Oh boy. Who wants to start all over again in classic content with the fun in camping the VP key parts?
  25. Over the years, we've been on countless adventures together and have made so many wonderful memories. It's been an incredible journey with you all, and we can't wait to make more magical moments happen in Norrath! There is no better way to make new experiences (and remember old ones) than by going back to the very beginning of EverQuest. We wanted to give players old and new another opportunity to journey through the lands of Norrath in the way that adventurers did so many years ago - with a brand new Progression Server! With EverQuest's 19th Anniversary just around the corner, it's the perfect time to reflect on how the game has grown over two decades, celebrate together, and start anew. The True Box Progression Server Coirnav will launch on Friday, March 16, 2018 for EverQuest's 19th Anniversary! Coirnav Server Features True Box Progression Server On a True Box server, each player will only be able to play on one EverQuest account from their computer. We want to encourage players to play with their friends on this server, and not just form groups of only their alts. If people are truly wanting to multi-box, they’ll have to do it the old fashioned way - with a whole lot of computers! Raid Instancing Big raid targets from each expansion will be instanced. While bosses like Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen will still spawn out in the world, groups of players will ALSO have these targets available to them via Raid Instances. The instanced raids’ targets have an account-wide 6.5 day lockout and will have the same difficulty as the non-instanced version of the raid target. Content Unlocks Every 12 Weeks There will be no voting for content unlocks, and the server won’t wait until all of the raid content is defeated before the expansion unlock timers start. Instead, every 12 weeks, expansion content will unlock on the server. The first content unlock for Ruins of Kunark will happen two days ahead of schedule on Wednesday, June 6, 2018. After this initial unlock, expansions will continue to automatically unlock every 12 weeks. Once Coirnav reaches the Gates of Discord, expansions that do not include a level cap increase will remain current for just 8 weeks before the next expansion unlocks. If an expansion does include a level cap increase, it will last for a full 12 weeks before another unlock. Experience Rates Earning experience on the Coirnav server will be most similar to the rate of experience gain on Phinigel after it was increased in February 2016. This is slower than the rate of experience gain on Ragefire, Lockjaw, and Agnarr Progression Servers, and faster than original EverQuest at launch. Rogues, Warriors, and Halflings receive a small experience bonus on Coirnav. There are no other experience bonuses or penalties for race or class. All Access Membership Required Like other Progression and special ruleset servers, you must have an All Access Membership to play on Coirnav. In addition to letting you join the server, All Access Memberships include other great benefits, like 10% off most Marketplace purchases, and a claimable 500 DBC grant each month! For more details and to sign up for membership, you can visit the Membership page here. We look forward to joining you for a world of new adventures on Coirnav starting Friday, March 16, 2018!View the full article
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