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  1. raid dps

    Combat dummies won't come in until the grand guild hall type stuff i believe, which would be House of Thule. You can always test copy and do so there though!
  2. raid dps

    Well that isn't an easy thing to really nail down, as Phini has different changes to classes than any other time this content has been "current". That on top of the fact dps is always super hard to nail down due to group comp, buffs, burns used etc., you're really left with ballparks or specific parses. In general, top melee dps under full burn can peak somewhere around 3k dps, maybe higher. For a 1-2 minute parse, the absolute best is around 2-2.5k dps. Under standard/small burn circumstances, dps is closer to 1k-1.4k for top geared dps. Tanks are in the 600-800 dps range, when burning i can do 1-1.2k. Caster dps is all over the board. Totally depends on the fight/player/windspeed. On live (Guesstimates since I don't play live, only see occasional parses linked on the forums) they're sustaining like 300-500k, and burning 1-2 million. Small difference from phinni. I recommend as Ythera said, grab Gamparse and run that badboy all the time