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  1. Ptah, The DKP site especially, and the main web site to a smaller extent, are taking ages to load. Any idea what's up with the performance? It's been more slow than usual since around last Thursday. Don't know if there's something up with the host or not. Can you check on this? Thanks. Kana
  2. Also, on DoN launch, they most likely will wipe corpses to prevent banking XP for AAs. Not 100% sure on this since it's not a level increase expansion, but they did wipe corpses over a period of time prior to and right after OoW launch. I'd advise not dying around that time frame (2 PM PST) on Wednesday.
  3. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    Thank you very much Ptah! You rock!
  4. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    Ya, the DKP site is unusable as is. I can get on there maybe once before it starts out of memorying. Not sure what's using so much memory, but it's frustrating. ATM, DKP is not done for 11-28.
  5. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    Thanks for looking into it. I know what we got will have to do since we won't ask you to shoulder the costs of a more professional server.
  6. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    Since about 7:15 AM PST, the site seems to have improved remarkedly. I think they might have reset their server. From what I've seen, unless it's normal working hours at wherever the host is at, performance goes way downhill. I tried doing DKP several times this weekend and couldn't deal with the timing out of the page.
  7. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    After more working on DKP, it seems it's sputtering instead of constant slowdowns. It'll be okay for 1 upload, then slow/error on the next upload a few minutes later.
  8. Ptah - DKP site and main site load times

    Attempting to upload a 5 item dump with 45-ish peeps on it took over 5 minutes before it timed out and error paged me. I can't do DKP from 11-16 ATM because the site is not playing nice. Checking via command prompt and doing a /ping on the server, it's not reporting any dropped packets and a time of 27ms, so the server is working okay from what it seems. Not sure what's causing the slowdown at this point.
  9. Happy birthday dude!

    1. Drassen


      Thanks, I'm soooo olllldddd

  10. DKP Site

    I honestly don't see a reason to have anything for LDoN there.
  11. Not all Dungeons are Lost

  12. Test Update 4-12-2017

    I'm a bit more concerned about stacking of abilities on burns. Seems like to me, from what I'm reading of this, a lot of things are not going to be stackable (but perhaps still clickable when you used to be doing a burn, not sure anything actually locks out, just the result is single stacked - or only highest taking effect - per effect) and should therefore be used in series instead of all at one time. Peeps on the Live (err... Test) side should test this out and let us know how this impacts discs/clicks/etc... during burns. Also, going into month 2 with no response from Devs AT ALL about nerfs to Shamans and Druids DoTs below max level (105). Still fubared to lower than before any changes, so less efficient and less damage than what the consolidation was supposed to bring.
  13. I do like the idea, concerns are how much, if any, that might slow down the site. I make a buttload of posts and edits, so if having to wait a significant amount of time between each, I'd be unhappy DKP admin.
  14. Did you know

  15. Celebrating Three Months of Stoobid

    Gotta say, that's pretty epic.
  16. The shades of Lord Window

  17. dkp sight/ptah

    You are at 714 DKP. I don't see any reason you would not be showing up on your version of the site, you appear on mine (both in the top section and the listing).
  18. The harassment is definitely actionable. Its been commonly known that 99% of the time, DBG will do nothing for dispelling charm mobs or even outright training, but they do take harassment via tells (which are logged on their end IIRC) more seriously. Petition this again for the tells and the guy and his alts should result in action taken. Make sure you petition with every name the person has used to harass you, starting from the beginning, since the others that actually sent the tells are probably alt accounts. As always, this goes to show, AoS is fully tolerant of this kind of crap going on in their guild. Their leaders are just as culpable as their members are for tolerating it.
  19. Posting Ranks

  20. It is official!

  21. Test Update 7-11-2016

    Read on the EQ forums too that the new spells are mostly not focusable either. At least the Shaman ones (I think all classes versions are like this) also require line of sight to the person being healed. Overall, these new spells are a bunch of failboat.
  22. Test Update 7-11-2016

    Those heals, at least for shaman, confuse me. Currently the spells for Shaman are: Lvl 29 Shaman get Greater Healing, which is 490 heal for 115 mana. Lvl 51 Shaman get Superior Healing, which is 800 heal for 185 mana. (this is moving to Lvl 45 and most likely will have it's heal amount fubared, it was one of the few things keeping shamans able to heal AE damage in the pre-planes and lower planes stuff at the time) Lvl 55 Shaman get Chloroblast, which is about 1100 heal for 331 mana at Lvl 60. These new spells are: Lvl 40 Spirit Salve, which is 456 heal for 181 mana Lvl 50 Kragg's Salve, which is 688 heal for 240 mana. How does that make any sense? Just goes to show you that spell devs do not look at existing spell data to learn anything prior to making changes. What they needed to do was add 1 spell at Lvl 35 or so to bridge the gap between the current Greater and Superior heals, not create 2 spells and move one (and ultimately unbalance the heals/mana for us since they always do). The amounts healed were already ok.
  23. Ancient Dragons Dead in Sleepers Tomb to CoC

    Rocked it. Great work and kills everyone!
  24. Double XP Weekend

    From the EQ forums: From 12 PM PST Friday July 01, 2016 until 12 PM PST Tuesday July 05, 2016 we will have: 40% Marketplace Discount 76% Bonus XP, Faction, and Rare Spawns Get leveled up those that aren't 60 yet!
  25. Test Update 6-18-2016

    We did a preliminary look into the instance tonight and killed Terror. All the golems appear to have the same original EQ MotM buff and drop old CT loot. With the MotM, the AE/Dispel from Terror was hitting for 650.