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  1. Expansions Added

    Sweet! Thanks, Ptah!
  2. Forum Upgrade Tonight

    When I typed in my info to log in, it had me go through registration a bit.
  3. Double EXP?

    It's traditional to have bonus xp for Labor Day weekend.
  4. Music Thread

  5. Test Update 6-13-2017

    I like the advanced loot changes, the rare mob con message, and the oow signet pieces in instances.
  6. GoD Dev Decision

    Absor says that motm will not be used in gates or any expansion there after. Gratz pet classes!
  7. Test Patch Notes (5-9-17)

    I tested envenomed bolt on test and it was doing 350/tick base and with foci was up to 450ish. Shaman are going to be doing some decent dps after this goes through. Plague was doing decent damage as well. As a side effect, necro dps is going to go up since we can still stack the shared shaman dots with our newer lines.
  8. New Forum Ranks

    Wolvin = few or no posts.
  9. Test Update 4-12-2017

    The fabled Jboots.
  10. Website costs

    Your avatar is fucked up Ptah. The pizza is showing up as a hamburger.
  11. Website costs

    Socked you some cash there, Ptah.
  12. Random Video Thread

  13. Forum upgrade complete

    Clicking on the forum link on the menu bar brings me to the homepage instead of the forum list.
  14. Agnarr TLP server and CoC

    There's no intention to switch to Agnarr. We're going to continue progressing on Phinigel.
  15. The Academy

    Salvador Dali's pet Ocelot was named Babau.