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Want to join Cult of Chaos? Check out what classes we are looking for!


bard.png BardMedium

cleric.png ClericHIGH

druid.png DruidMedium

enchanter.png EnchanterLow

magician.png MagicianLow

monk.png MonkHIGH

necro.png NecromancerMedium

paladin.png PaladinMedium

ranger.png RangerMedium

rogue.png RogueHIGH

shaman.png ShamanLow

sk.png Shadow KnightLow

war.png WarriorMedium

wiz.png WizardHIGH

Interested? APPLY HERE!


In a shocking development, Aryonar proved how cheap he can be and dropped 2x KoP, or what is known after tonight as Snuffleloot.