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    DON is complete! Due to mobs on the progression tracker, CoC finishes #1 for DoN as the only guild to have cleared all targets on the first raid night!! Granted, the lesser dragons drop subpar loots, but no other guild killed all the targets as the CoC did. To be fair to the guilds that pushed hard yesterday, CoC did finish #4 on killing Vishimtar. But you all know CoC is #1 in your hearts, minds, and on the progression tracker! Congrats and thanks to everyone on your hard work yesterday! (Edit a few days later - Rankings are now per Vishimtar kill time, where CoC still comes in at a strong #4, congrats to AoS/WT, OGC, and EoE!) Gawwin seems relaxed knowing the fight is ogre, but Vaughten is more interested in the musky odor coming from Vishimtar's armpit; Axxl plays a drum with a sword even though we all told him that doesn't work. Mellowtoast puts on his holiday hat to try to get Thornywoo's attention, but he remains aloof. Byte is really hoppy that we won; Jaccuze thought we did it purrfectly. I knew we'd beat him Soon, and hopefully not too Late before the other guilds took our position in the guild rankings. Buttlump is trying out his twerking moves to impress Kanamori who docks him 50 dkp for having Flight of Eagles up while Genavine giggles from her hiding spot behind Trafalgar. Temuujin is having a staring contest with Fuzzydunlop, but then Convulsia points out that the rabbit has no eyeballs and Venalin steps in trying to win with his left eye of Xygoz. Khorra and Xhann and Tarburz have a competition to see whose weapon is shinier and Tallenhof and Hoffette use this opportunity to offer discount prices on tickets for his now failing airline due to the arrival of Guild Halls. Rhiven and Goomah make eyes across from each other; Arylin smiles wanly knowing what's up while Callius checks out Goomah's butt. Stopcast holds out her arms to steady herself due to the shock of the win while Nenyen gathers energy to release another kame-ha-me-ha wave. Rayder measures Tinyface's face in the name of science and Mogui's face turns out to be way bigger, meanwhile, Methot shoves his head through a hole in Vishimtar's wing just in time for Splurtle to splurt on it. Jancen sits on Vishimtar's tail and watches as Vivisector remarks on how much weight Gohe has lost while Tirkaz appears to be trying to take a dump on Neveroom's head. Ramasu pets Slowbot's soft cuddly head with her glowing crystal staff while Blizzardeus stands watching from off to the side, wishing it was him. Mermal mermals softly to himself. Ythera tries to find Egith, Silkie, and Rorrar in this picture but can only find their floating names and only half of Rorar's name at that.
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    The phinny kills site that is linked to in the sidebar currently is dead. The site that replaced it is https://phinnyprogress.com so we should probably update the link to point to that instead. It doesn't have a forum like phinny kills did so that link can be removed.
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    Ya, the DKP site is unusable as is. I can get on there maybe once before it starts out of memorying. Not sure what's using so much memory, but it's frustrating. ATM, DKP is not done for 11-28.
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    I think I found a new provider. I'm doing some research on them now to make sure I have all the info I need to buy an account there. I have to sign up for a full year though and for that it's going to cost me a little over $100 so I need to wait until I get paid and then I can get it. I'll put a donation link later so folks can donate to cover the cost. If and when I do get an account and get everything set up, DNS will take probably anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to propagate to DNS servers for everyone's ISP's to make the change.
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    Hostgator at some point this year set a hard cap limit on the shared server accounts to where we can only use a certain amount of memory, which was below the amount we could use before. I'm trying to lower the amount of memory the dkp site uses right now. If that doesn't work, we'll have to get an account somewhere else that won't limit the account. Edit: I got the DKP site back up and running for now but I'm still shopping around for another host.
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    I upped the amount of memory the DKP site can use since I'm seeing more out of memory errors which it was failing at around 300mb of memory, however it was set to use up to 350mb before in the php.ini. This leads me to believe the server is running out of memory at these points. Like for example, Message: Out of memory (allocated 314048512) (tried to allocate 786432 bytes) 314048512 bytes is 314048.512 kilobytes which is 314.048512 megabytes. It tried to allocate an additional almost 1 megabyte of data and failed. Not even reaching the limit of 350mb before hand. So that's not a configuration problem, that's the server running out of memory. I'll keep an eye on this and if that's the case, I'll contact Hostgator and see if they can move me to another server. If they won't do that, I'll shop around for another host.