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    • Shove it up your cloacas.

    • That's a lot of stupid scaleys out there.

      Humans > Iksar

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    • Team Work is Dream Work! Welcome to the 7's Kiitana


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      Hey everyone! Super fun poll time! I hope your excited, because I'm not and someone has to be around here right?


      Wrote up a few fun questions. The answers are anonymous. I tried my best to articulate all of the possible answers to my questions, so I'm certain you'll find yours accommodated ;).

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    • CoCLogo_LRG-sheet.png


      We have gone retro!

      The realm of everquest has reverted to 8-bit and our characters have been...upgraded!



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    • Forward Scout Dogwizard has lead our crazed yet loyal leadership to the Lost Dungeons of Norath. They have returned with news of strategy and excitement. Get more drunk! 




      Looking forward to another expansion, may the loot rain and pile to the sky. GO Cult of Chaos!

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    • Server first Shaman with a Ranger epic!



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    • Ashlen and Sexyt both had two claims to fame.  They could tell fortunes and they were midgets. The Norrathian authorities frowned on them because they thought that fortune telling was fraudulent.  They had Ashlen and Sexyt arrested.  Both were placed in a holding cell.  Since they were so small the two were able to squeeze between the bars the cell and escape!  This so incensed the Ak'Anon judge that he ordered the local newspaper to print an article about the culprits. The following was printed in the paper the next day: "Small mediums at large."


      WANTED:  The Pretty in Pink Duo



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  • Recruitment

    bard.png  Bard:  HIGH
    beastlord.png  Beastlord:  Low
    cleric.png  Cleric:  HIGH
    druid.png  Druid:  Medium
    enchanter.png  Enchanter:  Low
    magician.png  Magician:  Medium
    monk.png  Monk:  Medium
    necro.png  Necromancer:  Low
    paladin.png  Paladin:  Low
    ranger.png  Ranger:  Medium
    rogue.png  Rogue:  HIGH
    sk.png  Shadow Knight:  Low
    shaman.png  Shaman:  Low
    war.png  Warrior:  Medium
    wiz.png  Wizard:  HIGH
    But of course, if you are an exceptional player with long experience of playing your class, go ahead and apply, even if you are in one of the closed classes. We may try to find room for you.
    ----->Apply Here<---
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