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    • We accomplished the first time OMM kill with the 2nd least number of people on Phinigel at 35 people (only AoS had lower numbers at 24 people)!

      Thank you everyone for your hard work and efforts to get this done!!  Congrats to Entendre for beating us by a few hours (started earlier in the night than us) and Resolute for finishing literally less than 4 minutes behind us (wow, that was close) for their first time OMM kills also!  It is definitely competitive to see how many guilds may yet place ahead of OGC for OoW!





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    • knockknock.png

      Who is there?


      [Sat Sep 16 21:25:00 2017] Arch Magus Vangl has been slain by Tarburz!



      Guess no one's there anymore!

      CoA - Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, Warden Hanvar, Jelvan, and Arch Magus Vangl all dead!  Not bad for a first run through CoA


      Grats Ythera, Mogui, and Venalin on our first Epic 2.0 Orbs!



      OMM's Next!

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    • Omens of War - One Week Away


      Keeps one up at night....

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    • A few months back I discovered a monument that was OBVIOUSLY created to honour yours truly.  Funny though, that even though this undying piece of art is done with great skill, the one who made it can't spell "Stoobid" properly!  

      The first one to find this place and post a screenshot with him/herself in front of it will receive one Krono :)


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    • Greetings CoC Lovers!

      If it feels like it's been a while since I have done one of these, it's because it has been forever. LDoN has been long and brutal and we've lost some friends along the way because of it. But here we are at Gates of Discord with a strong raid force and new friends to punish another expansion with. 

      Some updates: 

      Wooz's truck flame decal business is really taking off. 


      Val is starting to feel herself again.



      We've learned a lot about Ramasu's... enriched childhood. 



      Cheo got a new PC or two.



      I am still a slave to earthly desires. 



      Raeyne is still gross. 



      Team Morning Wood is still destroying everything in sight. 



      And our core raiders are holding down the fort.



      The officer meetup went well for some, not so well for others. 



      Krok and I got busted for shoplifting hats. 



      Bigpickle has settled nicely into his final form.



      Stoobid hasn't changed in the slightest. 


      It's been a long, brutal expansion. A genuine thanks to everyone who stuck it out with us along the way. 

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